Comment For Promotion – 12/22/18

Greetings, Rebels!

Promotions will be out tomorrow, and if you comment on this post, it will give you a pretty good chance to get promoted! Make sure to comment the following

1. Your name on RF chat
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?

All the best!

~Lord Cosmo, RF Deputy Commander.


  1. Leothelion255
    Warrant Officer
    I attended all the us events i could this week, even though that doesn’t add up to much, it is something. I feel like i am constantly getting better on rf and being more productive.

  2. BScharbach2
    Senior Officer
    School, 2 days cable being down christmas parties
    i feel i didnt do well this week at all but still enough to warrant considering a promo considering my schedule

  3. kiki/big papa/see with eyes unclouded by hate
    staff sergeant
    uhh i love rf a lot and i love helping out. i try to go to events whenever i can and i help recruit a lot. i’m also very active in the chat and try to talk to everyone. ok that’s all i can think of thanks.

  4. Frostly
    Lance Corporal
    Activity Level 8-9
    Its fine if I don’t get a promotion,
    I mostly come on whenever I can.
    I am active sometimes, and I joined back in
    2017 but wasn’t that active. But then I came back.

  5. SarcasticPVP/FBFJFCJH

    π•Šπ•’π•£π•”π•’π•€π•₯π•šπ•”β„™π•β„™ [FBFJFCJH on CP]
    Lance Corporal
    I am as active as possible on discord. I come to most of the events to the best of my ability. I am very into this community and really like growing and progressing in it.

  6. sort (Invander)
    I’ve been active, friendly, kind to all troops and I attended many events during this week, I tried my best as a Sergeant, and I was doing good, doing many tactics, Listening to higher ranks I tried my best as a Sergeant.

  7. JakeTheBird
    I’ve been very active since my return, I’ve attended events and helped members when they needed it

  8. ArtseySmart
    Lance corporal
    I haven’t gone to many events this week because I have actually been veryy busy, but I have popped into chat to chat and say hi at least once a day, and I also hosted a game on my cpr igloo for the first time, although it wasn’t super successful only two people showed up, we still had fun :), I also want a promo to join the entertainment team, I’m an artist and when I get up to sergeant I pan to join πŸ™‚

  9. JT
    Hey guys, I’ve been very active in the chat and I’ve attended multiple events this week and been activ ring he chat. Thanks!

  10. veagan
    captain for like 6 months rip
    what do you even call acxtive. am depressed
    plz gimmie promo daddy
    i swear i good boy

  11. Pedro (Pedroxz15)
    Lance Corporal
    I like the Rebel Federation, I attended the events, but some time I paused, but then I came back, and I attended the events, like yesterday’s Igloo Raids (EU)

  12. elexonck
    Lance Corporal
    7-8/10? ish? i feel arrogant giving myself that much oop
    I’ve been quite active this week in chat and events (despite having moved to my alt account) and hope to be very active throughout the Xmas season!

  13. Pinpin516
    Lance Corporal
    Due to Christmas break, I am able to attend more events, so I always attend them.

  14. Kellis
    first lieutenant
    I honestly don’t expect a promotion and I am sorry for not being that active

  15. CaptainTheo
    I’ve been trying plus I’ve been as helpful as I can to everyone.

  16. Name: Joseph
    Rank: Private First Class
    Activity 1-10: 9/10
    I think that I deserve a promotion because I attend most of the EU events and all of the US ones and I’m always up to date on what’s going on in the Rebel Federation. I also really enjoy the server and this gives me an opportunity to move up in it and continues to let me do something I enjoy doing.

  17. AishaJabz {ILY_BTS}
    Technical Sergeant
    Activity 8.9/10
    I’ve always made time to come on RF everyday. I’ve been attending events and helping out with photos. And been very active in chat and helping out around the channels.

  18. Koloway
    Sergeant Major
    Did some recruiting, attended multiple events. Insanely active in chatFTGF

  19. nah i dont need a promo

  20. alinagrey
    Lance Corporal
    Due to the timing of events, I have been unable to attend some of the events from the past week, but I have always tried my best to be there and to support the RF. I am trying to become more active in the Discord server (it all moves so fast!!!). I truly apologize for not being able to make some of the events (EU are at 9am when I’m asleep and Ausia is at 1am, and this week has been tiring due to Christmas so I’ve sometimes fallen asleep before the Ausia event), but I truly have been trying my best and sacrificing my sleep schedule in order to support the RF the best I can.

  21. 5/10
    sergeant major
    power was out for two days, was as active as i could be in chat but was also busy with school. attended what i could attend.

  22. Chaos
    Lance Corporal
    I’ve been in main chat for the entire week, and been very active at that. Also, I’ve attended all the EU events and most of the Ausia events too.
    FTGF and Merry Christmas!

  23. BobTheBleach
    Although my activities in the army has been low recently all due to the holiday im having i did my best of my abilities to do as much events as possible i think did 2 of them this week hope, so i hope its reasonable amount i did.
    FTGF oh and Mewy chwismas.

  24. Mycydric7
    Sergeant Major
    Even though that i might been attending 1-2 events this weerk, i am very active in discord like welcoming people, pissing kpop fans off (Trying to stop that). I’ll try to be active as Albert Einstein’s IQ.

  25. age of civilizations II fan CPR Name: Wynzel Pro
    Rank: Private
    I like attending the AUSIA events I’m very active in discord and I like the RF but I’m not that active in club penguin rewritten

  26. Racer

    I’ve done my best the past few weeks to attend any events I was able to. I also try to stay active in chat as much as my schedule will allow me.

  27. ACutePuffle
    Chief Warrant Officer
    Due to the new AUSIA time, I may not be able to attend on some days, but I am extremely active on the Discord.

  28. eva
    i’ve tried to be as active as possible in chat this week, ive been doing more recruiting and ive attended all ausia events. (I totally missed this post, hopefully its not too late oops)

  29. pinkoliv123
    Lance Corporal
    Ever since I’ve joined, I’ve tried my hardest to attend every event possible. Some of the events I couldn’t make, due to midterms, but now I am 100% free and ready to support the RF
    Fight the Good Fight!

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