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Promotions will be out TOMORROW, and if you comment on this post it will give you a good chance at receiving one! Make sure to comment the following

1. Your name on RF chat
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There has recently been a change in the name of the ranks, make sure you check the rank you have on the RF discord and use that one when you comment.


  1. SeaOfSeagulls (S.G)
    fireteam member
    activity: 7
    Reason: I have been attending all ausia events and stay fairly active on the discord, pretty much it :/

  2. Reason: i attended all AUSSIA events

  3. Discord/Name: Joseph#1234
    Rank: Fire team Member II
    Activity: 8
    Reason: I think I deserve a promotion because I’m pretty active and I know what’s going on in the chat when I’m online. 🙂

  4. Alina
    Officer Cadet II
    Despite being on vacation, I have continuously tried my hardest to attend as many of the Ausia events as possible; as far as I can recall, I have only missed one. I am always trying my best to be friendly and welcoming in the chat as well as during events, and also tried to help with rounding up the motley crew during formations (without overstepping boundaries, of course).

  5. brownboy102
    attended several event, hyped events, spent some time recruiting and was active in chat

  6. elexonck
    Officer cadet ii
    Activity level: 8? 9? I feel so awk rating myself highly
    I’ve been pretty active the last week i think (I got rotw too and I still cant get over it) but yea I’ve gone to events and been active in chat a lot and tried to recruit as much as I can, so hopefully I will uh, continue doing that. That’s all folks😳

  7. hi
    im a rookie

  8. Chaos
    Have been active in chat, both chatting and hyping. I’ve attended all the events I can, and have been taking pics.
    I did try recruiting. It didn’t go very well, but I will try more in the future.

  9. BScharbach2
    Moderator/Lieutenant Colonel
    Almost all the AUSIA events. Tons of EUs, a US unscheduled battle. I was so desperate to earn a promo i took to sleeping on the floor on a wrestling mat with a few blankets and pillows so i could be up till 5 am for the AUSIAs and actually wake up for the EUs. All week ive been doing the gym every 2 or so days. Each day ive been at an AUSIA since around Monday or Tuesday. My dedication and will to serve haven’t dimmed because of this. I will be ready to do this again on spring break and maybe summer. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that i deserve a promotion this week.
    Through Suffering We Fight
    No End In Sight
    Fight The Good Fight.

  10. Redweeb
    Attended EU, US, and/or AUSIA events
    Tried recruiting, didn’t go too well but still learning. Been active on chat whenever I’m not asleep. Eager to learn more about this organization.
    I’m new so I understand if I don’t get a promotion, just wanted to give it a shot 🙂

  11. Discord/Name: ★☆KittenMyttens★☆#5298
    Rank: Fire team Member
    Activity: 8
    Reason: I think I deserve a promotion because I’m mostly active and I almost always know what’s going on in the chat when I’m online. It is also hard work for me to log on every 5:00 PM and attend an Ausia event. I think there’s a low chance I’m gonna get it. So i’m testing my luck

  12. sort
    Rebel Lieutenant
    I’ve been active in the RF chat depends on my activity level, and I attended a ton of events when I was back, and I’ve been recruiting in CPR and has been hyping for around a month and I’m trying my best to attend more events as much as possible.

  13. JT
    Officer Cadet II
    I have recruited five people this week and been to essentially every event. I have also been much more active in chat

  14. noodkes
    Ive been active for about 2-3 weeks now and talk in chat whenever I have time.

  15. AlfieSteel
    Rank: Rookie
    I Just Try To Come To The Event But Im Mostly so im glad i can attend some
    events! 🙂

  16. Summer
    Cuz i tried ?idk

  17. Lonely (many people call me trants)
    I think I deserve to be promoted because I dedicate myself to RF an acceptable amount.

  18. Pinkoliv123
    Corporal / Agent
    I have been very active, attending all the events I can. I have also been very active on the Discord server, providing my help to those below me.

  19. BobTheBleach
    Staff Sergeant / Officer Cadet ll
    Ive been attending events not just ausia but like eu and us but also i applied to RNM to help RF alot more so as you im now being more active lately well more than i did.

  20. seal#5377
    fireteam member II

    I think I deserve a promotion because I have been working hard to attend events that are outside of my time zone. I have been active in the chats and I have recruited a member this week. I really enjoy attending events because it is so cool to watch a bunch of people from all around the world come together and work together. Now that I have been in the RPF for a little while, I can help people out when they ask questions on the server.


  21. Wolvesarecol
    Activity level = 9 or 10/10
    Attended most of the events that I could in the short amount of time I have been here, hyped events, have tried recruiting many times. I have been very active in Discord and have helped many other people out where I can.

  22. kiki
    rebel lieutenant
    I tried to attend all the events i could and also recruit whenever i can. i feel like this week was maybe the most active i have ever been. uhhh i really don’t know what else to say. i love rf a lot :,)

  23. GalaxyXena
    I’m fairly active these days on club penguin, and I keep up to date on the discord with notifications on.

  24. [ RF ] ariiiii
    I try to come to almost every event that I can, that exceeds my timezone, and I have tried to recruit some people. I have also been active in the discord lately, and I always try reading the announcements as quickly as possible. I also try to help out during events as much as I can and also trying to recruit during the events.

  25. [RF] SarcasticPVP / FBFJFCJH on CP
    Officer Cadet
    I attend as frequently as I possibly can, some of the event times are very early in the morning for me, but I attend as much as possible.

  26. kellis
    first lieutenant
    iv been a little more active that usual (iv just been very busy lately, sorry)

  27. Leothelion255
    2nd Lieutenant
    in my opinion i helped a lot of people this week with things and being a jr. officer went pretty well. i even recruited someone and give them like everything to know about rf and like really helped them fit in and stuff so i feel i have done my job.

  28. ChairFuzz
    I think I should get a promotion because I always try to attend the events and it’s my long term goal to become a Mod. I think I should continue that goal by ranking up. Have a good new year and FTGF!

  29. TomCat3
    Probably gonna now be about a 7 depending on event times
    I will come to events whenever I can! I just attended my first event in over a year and it was great. Also isn’t there a promotion for your first event?

  30. NotTheMermaid#0128
    I am pretty new and I joined in the middle of the week so it’s ok if it doesn’t happen this week but I attended the US last night and I’m planning on attending today and tomorrow. I’m pretty active in chat too. Like I said it’s fine if it doesn’t happen this week I joined at a weird time.

  31. 1. Fotonix
    2. Rookie
    3. 6.5
    4. I joined on 12/30/18, and have attended every single event since except for the AUSIA ones at 5 in the morning, and will try to attend every event I can outside of school. I haven’t really been that active in chat, so I probably don’t deserve a promotion, but it would be nice.

  32. смерть
    I joined a few days ago, and it has been fun the past few days, I know I am not that active in chat and I cannot attend all events due to my busy schedule. I would love to be able to be more active. And I will try to attend any event I can outside of school and work. I probably don’t even deserve a promotion, but it would be nice.

  33. Coolguy1608
    I am active, I attend all EU events.

  34. Cpr1234

  35. Cpr1234
    I would like a promo for attending events on CPR and being active on Discord as usual

  36. Chipmunk/Peppy1016
    I’m very new to the server but I have been very active and have already been to three events. When the events go on I help try and lead by consistently stating what tactics we are using and beforehand try to hype up everyone. I was part of the infantry during the branches battle and we were small but did very well since we all pitched in to help. Thanks!

    • chipmunksacorns3357

      I also woke up at 6:30 on a Sunday in order to attend an AUSIA event since it was the last day of Project Resurgance.

  37. Greatgatsby

    While I did join several days ago, I have been adament on attending the events I can whether it be EU or US. I try to stay active in chat and abide by the rules! I hope to continue to grow and recruit for the RF.

  38. Frostly
    Fire Team Member II
    I am mostly active, I have spent some time over December to attend some events,
    I try to be as active as I can and RF has been very fun over the past few weeks.

  39. Bob Dill/Bob Ross

    Bob Ross
    Fireteam Member II
    I try to be active and attend as many events as possible. Took pictures for some of the events

  40. GamezGirl
    Lieutenant corporal
    I probably don’t deserve a promo tbh other than the fact I stayed up till 2 am for the us event but that was the only event I attended this week other than an ausia so yeah I don’t think I do deserve 1

  41. Koloway
    Second Lieutenant
    I have not been as active as usual, as school started back for me this week. On top of the had, 2 days did not have events, so it lessened my activity. I have however been very active in chat. Thank you!

  42. CrypticSleepii (CP name is Orchid2121)
    About 8/10? IDK
    I sometimes talk in chat, not very much, but I join every event I can. I have joined lots of events ever since I joined the RF. Plus, I would feel good if I was a better role!

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