History with Silverburg #1 – Christmas Chaos 2013

Hey Rebels!

It sure is an interesting time to be in the Rebel Federation. With all of the Christmas festivities that are going on including the Winter Olympics and all of the awesome Christmas events we are about to have on Club Penguin Rewritten, I thought it would be an awesome time to make this post (as well as to announce a new segment on RF site). With many Legends in the army including myself working on a new history and legends page, I am constantly reminded of certain events that have occurred in the army, which is why I want to start making these history posts. So YOU, the troops, can have an in-depth glimpse of what the Rebel Federation was like back in the day. Today, we will be talking about the legendary run that the Rebel Penguin Federation had in the Christmas Chaos 2013 tournament.

Now some of you might be asking, what is Christmas Chaos? Back in the old Club Penguin army community, there used to be an organization called CPAC (Club Penguin Army Central). This organization had many features including news regarding Club Penguin armies, a top ten ranking of each army they’d post every week and tournaments. These tournaments would pin the best armies against each other in a tournament format, kind of like the Winter Olympics we just had, and whoever the best army was would win. The two biggest tournaments of the year were the Legends Cup (usually held in July/August), and Christmas Chaos (held in December).

So lets start telling the story. In early December of 2013, the RPF had been through quite the last few months. While we were still strong, we were a shadow of the army we were in the Summer of 2013. This was made evident in one of my very first weeks in the RPF where we were ranked as low as 8th on the CPAC Top Ten. The RPF leader at the time, Elmikey, saw this drop as well as the fact that Christmas Chaos was right around the horizon. He decided to take action and begin recruiting, as well as calling upon the rest of the RPF to recruit as well. This turned out to be the first time I was introduced to recruiting! So RPF started to work very hard, and soon enough the Christmas Chaos tournament would begin. RPF’s first battle would be against the Ice Warriors, who had been in the finals just the previous year. Due to the Winter, the Ice Warriors had also undergone a massive rise, and RPF had ended up being seen as the underdogs. The battle was hard fought, but the winner proved to be the Rebel Penguin Federation.


With this impressive win, the RPF would move on to the semi-finals where we would face the ACP (Army of Club Penguin). This week of preparation for the finals would turn the RPF from a good army into an outstanding army. Elmikey put recruiting into overdrive and hundreds of people would join that week. When the day came to fight the Army of Club Penguin, the RPF was more than ready. With sizes of over 80+ and even a visit from the RPF creator at the end, the RPF would crush the ACP and move on to the finals.



In the finals, the RPF would be up against the defending champion Dark Warriors led by the gallant leadership of Freezie66 and Spi101. The RPF would not put their foot off the gas, continuing to recruit at the rate they were for the semi-finals. On December 21st 2013, the finals would occur. The Dark Warriors had impressive sizes of 65+, but the Rebel Penguin Federation would have over 90 penguins online. Through a variety of controversial room changes, the RPF would end up winning this battle as well as the tournament.



The Dark Warriors were not satisfied with this result though, and due to the controversial room changes they thought they were the rightful victors. They decided to schedule an invasion of RPF’s capital, Tuxedo, to prove who the rightful winners were. Elmikey complied, and with both armies wearing the color black, an iconic battle would occur where the RPF would knock the Dark Warriors off of our capital and make them surrender. We had proven we were the true victors.


DW says “No”, RPF says “Yes”

This concludes the Christmas Chaos 2013 saga. The RPF would go on to have a fantastic Winter and hold the #1 spot for the rest of December and all of January. I was a second in command during Christmas Chaos, and I can say without a doubt if I hadn’t taken part in this tournament, I wouldn’t have become an RF legend and I doubt I’d still be here. I learned very important things and used techniques I used from this tournament to win the several hundreds of battles I would lead in the future.


Fight the Good Fight



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