Troop of the Week #90

Troop of the Week #90

This week of the Rebel Federation was a great week. Every division in the army reached amazing heights, including our mid-week RPF birthday event! We’ve had lots of recruits joining, so a big thank you to all those who recruit. A large number of troops performed well this week, which includes a bunch of new troops who have recently joined the Rebel Federation. However, this week there was one troop who clearly stood out, This week’s troop of the week is…

Mariana joined the Rebel Federation about a month ago and we’ve loved having her as one of our troops. Whenever you come online she is a face you always see, becoming good friends with lots of other troops! Her event attendance is outstanding, and she is a joy to have at every event she attends. Mariana is always there to welcome and help every troop, with her great attitude and wonderful personality. She is a lovely person to have in the army and is a friend to all. Thanks to all her hard work, I am proud to announce that for this week, the title of TOTW goes to Mariana.


  1. Congrats name twin!!!!!💖


  3. omg ily all so much uwuwuwuwuwuwu

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