A Link3000 To The Past

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally time for me to write this post.
I joined the RPF server on June 6th, 2020, during a time that would be hailed as a golden era of Club Penguin armies. Everyone was struggling to find community during the pandemic, and I was no different. Between the grueling hours of vet school and a disease that shut down the entire world, connecting with others was a pastime I sorely missed. But that all changed one fateful day on Club Penguin Rewritten. An offer to join a Discord server with thousands of members by someone who I would soon come to know as Woogs changed my entire life in the blink of an eye…
Many of you may not know I chose my username by combining two franchises I love: Marvel’s iconic “I love you 3000” with the iconic Legend of Zelda series protagonist. This would not be the last time I forged my identity in this Discord community. I rose through the ranks like any other, slowly but surely. I formed bonds that would last for years through nights of staying up counting penguins, calculating spreadsheets, being mentored, mentoring. There were so many experiences that I cherish, it would be impossible to list them all, and those who are close to me hopefully know how much their presence shaped that experience.
Fast forward over three years later, to this finale in August 2023, where I have accomplished more than that young, wide-eyed Link3000 with a Rosa profile could have ever dreamed of. I got the chance to lead alongside HCOM members that I had once looked up to as a troop, win wars, tournaments, and Olympics, form army alliances with other army leaders that I cherish, and meet so many fantastic people the world over that I never would have had the chance to otherwise. To all of you, I am so grateful that our paths crossed and I hope they never diverge.
And most importantly, I helped get “shit” unfiltered in the RPF server.
Now, for a list of additional people and things I’d like to thank for making my journey something I’ll always remember:
  • Nick Nelson
  • Other Guy From Heartstopper
  • The Trans Agenda
  • Rosa (the otter)
  • Eminem/Mary J. Blige/Kendrick/Snoop/Dre’s Super Bowl Show
  • Tony Stark
  • IHOP
  • Rosa (the human)
  • 16 Seasons of Criminal Minds
  • Not Rocket
  • Garfield
  • Lin Manuel Miranda
  • Moira O’Deorain
  • Alec Lightwood
  • One of My Dogs (the other one is a hellspawn <3)

I’ve kept this brief because I outlined it in a Discord channel instead of Google Docs like a smart person, but don’t let it change how much I have come to love this community and everyone within it. We, the Rebel Penguin Federation, will continue to burn brightly, even as this post draws to a close. Thank you all for everything you’ve done, continue to do, and will do to fight the good fight!

Tumblr Sexyman Supreme & Rebel Commander

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