Hey, Rebels!

A new party has just launched on Club Penguin Journey from August 20th – 28th, and with that comes tons of new and exciting items and features. This guide is going to walk you through everything you need to know about this fascinating party!

-New Clothing Items-

For the first two new items, head on over to the Beach and click on the “Ship Donation” sign.

Here, you’ll be able to see Rockhopper’s Donation Items (the Migrator Head and Migrator Body). Be sure to check back frequently, as these items are subject to change!

For the third new item, head on into the Coffee Shop and upstairs into the Book Room.

From here, click on the cardboard box in the bottom left hand corner for the Seashell Belt.

For the fourth new item, head to the Forest.

Once you’re in the Forest, click on the treasure chest to receive the Blue Scuba Tank.

-New Pin-

To get the new pin, head to the Plaza and go to the Underground Pool.

Click on the pin to receive the Treasure Chest.

We hope you enjoyed this short guide that showcased all the new party items on CPJ! To stay up to date with the latest Club Penguin news, be sure to join our Discord server here!

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