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After a long wait, Club Penguin Legacy has finally released the Card-Jitsu Party! This guide is going to give you the inside scoop of everything new that has come to the island. We hope this guide helps you out!

-Party Quests-

Just like previous parties that happened this year, there are tasks / quests that must be completed. If you complete all 20 of them, you’ll receive a special item. Given the fact that a handful of quests are locked, feel free to check back later and see what the prize is!

For Task #3, you’ll want to head to the Dojo Courtyard. Click on the grey television screen labeled “Card-Jitsu League” to the left of your screen and watch the entire video that plays. Please note that the completed quest pops up about 5-7 seconds after the video ends, so don’t panic if check doesn’t pop up automatically.

For Task #4, head to the Mine Shack. Simply stand on the pale green / beige part of the ground and the completed quest check should pop up automatically.

For Task #5, head to the Ski Hill. Immediately after getting there, you’ll notice cherry blossoms falling off of their tree. Once again, simply stand (or sit) there watching and the check will pop up eventually.

For Task #6, you’ll want to head to the Pizza Parlor. For this quest, you’ll need to grab the Sushi Master headband and uniform, as well as the Sushi Tray from the interface on the top right. Simply equip those items onto your penguin and press D. Once you’re performing the animation with 10 other penguins in the room, you have completed the quest.

For Task #8, head back to the Dojo Courtyard and grab the Elemental Pin. The location can be found below and / or in our Pin Tracker!

For Task #9, you’ll want to head to the Cove. Once you’re there, walk all the way across the steppingstones until you get to the very last and farthest one. The completion check will appear once you’ve made it.

For Tasks 10, 12, 15, 17, & 18, you’ll need to play actual games of Card Jitsu. Head to any of the 4 blue mats and follow the quests as you go. Best of luck!

For Task #13, you’ll want to cross the bridges in the following rooms: Beach into Lighthouse, Town into Snow Forts, Plaza into Snow Forts, and Ski Village into Beach. Feel free to do these in any order you’d like, just make sure you cross all of the bridges from beginning to end.

For Task #16, head to the Snow Forts with a nothing on your penguin except a shovel in hand. Press D and keep shoveling until there’s 30 fellow penguins in the room shoveling as well.

Finally, for Tasks 19 and 20, all you have to do is be in the same room as Sensei and Ninja whenever they log on. Scheduled times for Ninja’s visit are listed in our server’s Mascot Tracker and Sensei’s visits will be randomized, so keep your eyes peeled!


Everyone’s favorite Club Penguin mini-game Card-Jitsu is back on the island! This time around though, there’s a twist with some unique features. To see all the new information, head inside the Dojo and click the poster on the wall.

From here, you’ll be able to see how the gameplay works!

Card-Jitsu League: The Card Jitsu League is how belt progression will work. You must play 15 Practice Matches to qualify for the League.

The Draft: In League matches, you’ll be able to draft/pick your own card deck with limitations.

Utilities: Special effects that can alter the course of the game. These include Redraw, Immunity, Oversight, and Confiscation.

○ Belt Progression: You can earn Belt Points for belts by competing in League matches. Be careful though, as losing matches will result in losing Belt Points.

Power Card Spins: Each time you rank up to the next belt, you’ll earn access to a spin for 5 new Power Cards. These spins will cost 15,000 coins.

Act System: Your progress is not permanent! You will lose a minimum of 1 – 3 belts per year in the Act System. If you became a ninja in a previous act, you’ll receive exclusive rewards for your placement! Players who become a ninja are not exempt from the Act System.

Becoming Ninja: Once you reach the brown belt, you’ll be able to challenge Sensei to earn the black belt. Once you earn the black belt, you must complete a separate Ninja Ranking to become a ninja. Earning a black belt means you won’t be able to lose Belt Points or be demoted to lower belts in League matches. You’ll also gain access to the Ninja Hideout and some exclusive items!

Rewards: Some other rewards for becoming a ninja include a Ninja Mask, the ability to adopt a Zen Puffle, a Ninja Hideout Igloo, and a Stampbook Cover!

Leaderboard: Ninjas will be able to take part in a leaderboard. Placing in the top 25 of the leaderboard will grant rewards such as a Leaderboard Stamp, a Ninja Leaderboard Pin, and a Value 8 Card-Jitsu Card.

Card-Jitsu Elite: For players who really want to compete, you’ll be able to take part in large-scale groups that will narrow down into elimination brackets. Winners can earn anywhere from 500,000 to 1,000,000 coins and an Elite Trophy!

-New Rooms-

Once you defeat Sensei and become a ninja, you’ll get access to the Ninja Hideout!

-New Items-

Click on the piece of paper in the top right-hand corner of the screen in any room.

From here, you’ll be able to see some new items. Be sure to check back, as new items will be added in the future!

Be sure to also click on the Fire Headband to purchase the Black Ice Headband.

Be sure to also click on the shoulder of the Snow Training Plates for the Black Ice Training Plates.

We hope you enjoyed this guide! To see more guides like this one, and to be kept up to date with the latest Club Penguin news, be sure to join our Discord server here!

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