Despite knowing for so long that I’d be retiring from the RPF, I’ve never really known how to start it. There’s a lot that’s happened in the RPF since I’ve joined, so how about I let you know what some of my favourites have been.


Phoenix – HOOF HOOF.
BTS – Greatest club penguin band of all time
Team Busted – Greatest Olympic team ever (with most points). It was very fun leading with yvng.
Premier League – First tournament I took part in, battles were super enjoyable


ACP War – Was super cool seeing how a war took place
Becoming Officer – Slept for 16 hours through it, was super nice waking up to see i was an officer.
PPC Parties – Have loved all the creativity and care that goes into each themed party. Really nice to see how each party came together.
Psycho Pig VCs – Greatest song of all time.
Tiktoks – Social media team has been super fun to be a part of and lead and creating the tiktoks have been really cool to make. (join SMT)


totw – Club penguin clout? hell yeah
dcp war – Was great seeing the formation of BIA here and i really liked the war + how it played out
all other vcs – Charming man vcs w/ pinkpop, cinas etc; the 7+ hour music vc w/gianna, shpec, moonlemur and so so many more all hold a special place in my heart.


tourneys – The hype, the vcs, the music always great to see.
cpr death – Would’ve been sadder if they didn’t safechat
hunger games – Always nice to see happening and i love how they bring the whole of main chat together!

scariest rpf moments.

bagged milk – no.
bean sock – no 2.
fnaf movie – no 3.

Of course a retirement post wouldn’t be there without the special mentions so here goes:


You’ve been an icon for the 2 years I’ve known you and it’s always been fun chatting with you. Thank you for always being there. Off to the communist servers now.


The first person who I met in RPF and definitely the person who had the most impact on me. Truly a king, hope life is treating you well.


Definitely the coolest person I have recruited, been super fun hanging with you and getting to know you in general.


Thank you for introducing me to rpf, and being a cool person. This is sort of a cop out but my post my rules 👿

Pig, hawk, trants and the rest of the gc

Thank you for just being awesome people to talk to as well as being super supportive.


Action Reaction Sensation Muchification. Thank you for just being a super cool person to talk to all the time and I really appreciate the vibes.

DS, Lemur, Tatty and Zee

Thank you all for being the greatest mentees ever. DS and Lemur, you’ll both go very far in RPF to whatever you wish to become. Tatty and Zee hope you two have been doing well too.


Fellow ghostbuster, you are an awesome person and it’s been great both knowing you and working with you in SMT. RPF Tiktok blow up soon.

Yo gal

Thank you for being the greatest 37 year old capitalist male. Being in cute boys was peak rpf so thank you for creating it.


Insert Melanie Martinez gif, one of the coolest people i’ve met through rpf and i hope life has been treating you well.


One of the friendliest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet, I hope vet school is treating you well!


Thank you for being the greatest mentor ever, really appreciate everything you put up with and how much of a help you were.

Princhi and Avril

Genuinely two of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. You two have been super helpful especially when I had questions and wasn’t too sure at the start of being HCOM.

Bebel Tenguin Sardines (and their comeback which is 2 years late), Blu, Bratty, Miz, Dill, Em (both objectively and subjectively an icon), F6sixer, Jae (conan buddy), Jacq (RTF Legend), Jstory, Jill, The one Roblox gc (and the 3 strikes), Yoda (fellow March 2020 buddy), Moon (:Eek:), Z3ming, Cydric (Meme King), Potato (Cadet buddy), TomTomBomBomTimTamTamalam (Amazing Music Taste), YaBoiMac (:dance:), Mac (Michael Cera), Perry (monke), PinkRatGirl (This is a robbery), Cracked (Carrying frfr), Crazzy (rebel frickin commander), Cosmo, Mak (Music Icon), Val (Stan Loona), Beetle (And girlinred), Blu29h (Happy blu day), pizza (MISS PIZZAAAA), Sharki (:gasp :), Woogs (:pikagroove:), Gabi, Gianna, Joseph, Lynn, Trackling, Mars, Anya (retirement pact fr), Pinkpop (Charming man), LittySkitty, Soup, Tomatoee, Manxy, Aurora, Nick (mjau), Rocket, Lance, Yvng (Graphics team AND busted leaders), Guinz (:hehe:), Esh (and the great puns), Tesa (PvZ icon), Crow, TehLPS, EssRTee, EllaBella, Rachel, Eskild, Jen (pizzatron legend), Yummy, Rai (The true king), Sloaps (shera was good), Dreamz, Juno/Junie, Nooza, Pearl, Cat, Diamond (HEY), T_T (Taking all the rc), Simchi, Ash, Lanie, Skipper, Boog, JJSnowflake, Ypi/Vio, Hexxer (Editing is :chefskiss:), Jimmy, Zeavro, Pedro, Vish, Erik_jjj

There’d be far too many people to mention you all but I just want to say thank you to everyone who I’ve spoken to in general. I’m not super good at keeping conversations going, so I really do appreciate everyone in RPF for just being super chill.

yas/earl/pitchblende out.

greatest club penguin band

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