Anniversary Week – 2023


Dear Rebel troops, veterans, allies and esteemed guests.

You have all been invited to the Rebel Penguin Federations Sweet Sixteenth! In order to celebrate RPF’s anniversary, we have prepared a week filled with festivities, fun events, games, contests, scavenger hunts and more! Clear your schedule from April 30thMay 7th for we will be in party central!  Keep reading this post to find out more about our schedule, activities and giveaways.


Anniversary Bingo

The more tasks from the bingo you complete, the more giveaways you will be eligible for. There will be giveaways for those that complete 1 row, 3 rows and the entire card.  Head on to #anniversary-giveaway-info for more details.  By completing the bingo you will also earn the guaranteed “Sweet 16” role!

Giveaway Drops

Throughout the week, there will be giveaway drops happening at random times.  It could be after an event, it could be at a random time in chat, who knows!  If you see one of these pictures, make sure to DM an HCOM and you will be entered in an additional giveaway!


For this week, we have prepared a plethora of events for you, both club penguin and non-club penguin events!


AUSIA: Get ready for a classic movie night!  Make sure you head on to #events to vote for which teen movie you’d like to watch!


US: RPF is now officially 16, that means that we can finally drive!  Join us for a classic car event while we try not to get our licenses revoked.


EU: A classic duel between HCOM and troops.  In this Hide n Seek event, YOU seek HCOM dressed in uniforms from past generations.


EU: It would not be an anniversary without our iconic branches!  Get ready for a classic battle between Navy and Air Force!


US: A new favourite for RPF, we are bringing back Codenames!  Join us for a breakday of this RPF themed game.


AUSIA: Another classic returns.  Grab a friend and get your matching outfits ready for this twin event!

EU: Join up for another movie night, as you vote for a movie based on previous RPF Olympics!


EU: It is officially party time!  Wear your best gold and pink outfits along with the party hat for RPF’s Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Gala!  Don’t be an early leaver though, there will be surprises afterwards!

Some extra gifts…

During this week we will also be bringing back some iconic roles for the shop.  To say these are rebel favourites would be an understatement.  Run to the shop and check out the return of the Baby Jesus role as well as the Spying on Navy/Air Force roles!  But do not rush! Save your rebel cash for now and make sure you check out the Bingo giveaways 😉.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy this special week with us and we hope you have an amazing time! #RPFSweet16


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