With RPF’s 16th anniversary coming up, The best way to celebrate is by making a cake! The Contest Team is back with a new cake decorating contest. read below to find out more!

What better way to celebrate a birthday than making someone a cake, for this contest you will be making RPF a birthday cake, so time to sharpen up you’re editing, drawing, and decorating skills! Enjoy creating you’re yummy virtual cake.

When you’ve finished decorating, direct message any member of the Contest Team with you’re finished cake! You can find a list of all our members by doing .inrole Contests in the #bots channel. Submissions will be judged based on creativity and originality. good luck everyone

All winners will receive a Rebel Cash reward, in addition to a special role for the first-place winner!

Contest Rules

– Only one submission per person.

– Everyone must use the image included in this post

– All submissions must follow rpf #rules

Submissions close on May 8th


Hope you have fun decorating! Don’t forget to reach out to any member of the Contest Team if you have any questions or concerns! Good luck everyone!

-EllaBella | General

~RNM Contest Team~


♡A smile never goes out of style♡

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