Art Column – 02/23/2021

Welcome to the twenty-second edition of the Art Column, where our reporters (currently Yvng, YipYorp, Sharki, and Cracked) see and critique pieces in the #art channel and choose which to feature from members of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

By definition, “art” can be best described as…

“…the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Due to this, the Art Column’s purpose is to promote all types of art. This includes whether it’s digital or physical, something you can hear or something you can see, and even if it’s RPF related or not. However, please do also keep in mind due so many members in our group, not everyone will get recognized each week. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy our weekly gallery and keep creating!

Featured Artist

“Cherry Blossom”, made by GreenGreen, RPF Corporal

“Its a Cherry Blossom tree during a windy morning. I was going for a spring feel with this piece. I made this using acrylic painting and a glow effect for the sun. The software itself is a painting program called Medibang Paint Pro!” ~ GreenGreen

Club Penguin & RPF Art

Being the Rebel Penguin Federation, we have to include art related to us in this post of course! Here are some Club Penguin & RPF related art made by our fellow troops!

‘Pixel RPF”, made by Ms3oodgames, RPF Lance Corporal

“This is the RPF flag pixelated into perfection” ~ Ms3oodgames

”Valentine Penguin”, made by TPR, RPF Private

This cute penguin made by TPR is based on Saint Valentine’s day, and it even features a hoodie that came out on cpr to celebrate it. Perfect for the occasion!

”Rebel Commanders”, made by Coric, RPF Officer Cadet

This is one of Coric’s portraits, which features the rebel commanders. While it didn’t take too much time to make, Coric is still quite pleased with the result!

Theme of the Week

In this segment, we will be announcing a different topic every week to challenge our artists and see what they come up with. If you would like to participate, post your art in #art with the hashtag we include here for a chance to be featured!

This week’s Theme of the Week was Video Games!

“Arcadia Description”, made by Toadimation, RPF Lieutenant Colonel
“It gives off them big arcade music vibes!” ~ Toad

“Rebel Kart”, made by Watts, RPF Colonel
“It kind of started out as a doodle, but i got invested over time, and decided to actually put effort in this lil’ art piece! I chose a Sand terrain for the Level, and Luigi in the RPF uniform, cuz why not :)”  ~ Watts
“Minecraft”, made by Z3ming, RPF General 
“I like minecraft” ~ Z3ming

Thank you to everyone who submitted art!

Next week’s Theme of the Week will be… Pokémon! Due to popular demand, and a suggestion in the suggestions channel made by CooingBridge314, this theme was made possible! Show off your love for Pokémon and be creative as always! Make sure to put #rpfacpokemon in the caption when you post your work if you would like to be featured here next week! Don’t forget: art includes drawings, music, photography, paintings, and more!

Sharki ~ RBT Art Column Editor


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