ART COLUMN – 10/18/20

Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Art Column, where our reporters see and critique pieces in the #art channel and choose which to feature from members of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Hello everyone, my name is Royal! Just a quick little note: from now on, I will be taking over the Art Column. Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the masterpieces here!

By definition, “art” can be best described as…

“…the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Due to this, the Art Column’s purpose is to promote all types of art. This includes whether it’s digital or physical, something you can hear or something you can see, and even if it’s RPF related or not. However, please do also keep in mind due so many members in our group, not everyone will get recognized each week. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy our weekly gallery and keep creating!

Featured Artist 

Among Us plushie made by MizoreWannabe, RPF Colonel.

This week’s Featured Artist is MizoreWannabe!

Mizore earned this week’s Featured Artist with her homemade Among Us plushie! She makes test plushies (and plans on making a better one of this) to see where things went wrong, and how to correct that in the final plush! The inspiration behind this was seeing as how Among Us got really popular now, she wanted to make some more plushies to make as gifts for friends 🙂 Adding on, she used up ‘scrap fabric’, an old pair of pajama shorts, and some pocketing left over to make it. This shows that you don’t need any fancy materials to make something awesome! Make sure to congratulate Mizore when you see her in chat!

Club Penguin & RPF Art

Being the Rebel Penguin Federation, we have to include art related to us in this post of course! Here is some Club Penguin & RPF related art made by none other than our fellow troops!

“Pink Delight”, made by Toia, RPF Captain.

In this cute drawing made by Toia, it shows a birthday cake with other food around it! It was made as a tribute to herself and RPF colonel Legacy, as they have the same birthday! I’d say that’s as sweet as frosting. *ba-dum-tshh*

“Pixel Art Orange”, made by Orange, RPF Lieutenant.

This amazing rendition of Orange’s CPR avatar in Minecraft was made by Orange himself! It probably took a lot of time to do, and I can say that it was definitely worth it.  You can hardly tell the difference! He should definitely be proud.

Spooky Swamp, made by Scarlemagne, RPF Colonel.

Finally, we have a piece of art actually made on CPR! Scarlemagne decorated her igloo to submit for the in game igloo contest. Loving the theme, very spooky indeed! I would even say it could be winner material 😉

Theme of the Week

In this segment, we will be announcing a different topic per week to challenge our artists and see the best they come up with. If you’d like to participate, post your art in #art with the hashtag we include here for a chance to be featured!

Our last theme of the week was Favorite Color!

We asked our artists, “Why was that certain color your favorite, and what made you want to create the artwork?” Here’s what they had to say, along with what they created!

“Quiet Seas”, made by Essjay, RPF Scout Medic.

Blue is my favourite colour because I have always found it quite calming, like the sea I’ve depicted. And when I was younger wearing blue made me feel cooler and gave me confidence. Since then, I’ve always continued to love the colour and the many different shades it can have.” – Essjay

“Tamaki”, made by wxbp, RPF Major.

“My favourite colour is black is because it gives of that cool vibe especially for clothing haha I drew this piece for inktober since the prompt of the day was cat and she is one of my favourite characters in fire force! Her powers grant her various cat-like traits when activated :)” – wxbp

“Blossoms”, made by MissyZ, RPF Officer Cadet.

“I chose pink because its Breast Cancer awareness and I just love pink as well, cherry blossoms are also my favorite flower – I kinda just drew it for the contest lol but I also felt like hanging some pink art in my room :)”  – Missy

Thank you to everyone who submitted art!

Next week’s Theme of the Week will be… Spooky! Since Halloween is coming up soon, we’d like to see anything Halloween related or spooky-like! Make sure to put #rpfacspooky in the caption when you post your work if you’d like to be featured here next week! Don’t forget: art includes drawings, music, photography, paintings, and more! Be creative!

All art presented was given permission by their creators to be included in this post. Never steal or take credit for another person’s work!

Thanks for reading!

-RoyallySuperb, RBT Art Column Editor


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