ART COLUMN – 24/11/22

Welcome to the Art Column! This is the fifty-second edition, and our reporters (currently Ella, Soup, Tomatoee and Moonlemur) have seen and gathered some great artworks made by and for the Rebel Penguin Federation!

By definition, “art” can be best described as…

“…the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Due to this, the Art Column’s purpose is to promote all types of art. This includes whether it’s digital or physical, something you can hear or something you can see, and even if it’s RPF related or not. However, please do also keep in mind due so many members in our group, not everyone will get recognized each week. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy our gallery and keep creating!

Theme of the Month

Each month, we feature a different theme for artists to contribute to, and this month the theme was Inktober! If you’d like to participate in the next theme, post your art in #art with the hashtag included in this column!

“Eye of Darkness” by imatsoup, General

”Last year I made a piece for inktober that was about a spooky version of Aqua Grabber and I thought it’d be fun to make one of cart surfer for this year. After all, we’re always playing surfing towards the light, but what if we were fleeing from the darkness…?”

”Underwater” by Moonlemur, Lieutenant General

”Digital artwork of a creature lurking in water, I got inspired by the Inktober prompts for 2022”

Other Art

“Fall” by Scarlemagne, Private

“I was walking though one of the big cemeteries in my city and it was so beautiful! I just had to take a picture of this bridge and the river, I thought it was the perfect opportunity”
“Pumpkins in a Row” by Gabi, Third in Command
“Basically me and my friends just did some pumpkin carving for halloween 🙂 I did the one second on the left and the furthest right one! I personally prefer the second one I did but both turned out pretty nice imo”
“Double Rainbow” by Moonlemur, Lieutenant General
“2 rainbows I saw on the way home from school that I thought looked cool”

Thanks to everyone who chose to submit art! 
Next week’s Theme is… Forests! Autumn and Winter have lots of great opportunities to link with this theme! Make sure to put #rpfacforests in the caption when you post your work if you’d like to be featured here next week! Additionally, those featured in the next Art Column will be rewarded with 1000 Rebel Cash! Don’t forget: art includes drawings, music, photography, paintings and more!

All art presented was given permission by their creators to be included in this post. Never steal or take credit for another person’s work!
Thanks for reading!
Moonlemur – Art Column Reporter


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