This last weekend, the Party Planning Committee organized another weekend party in collaboration with RF’s Blank Canvas, filled with extraordinary and lovely club penguin and art events. Did you miss out on the Autumn Arts Festival? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s jump right in and see what happened this weekend:


Festival Fun

On Thursday, November 17th, the Party Planning Committee and RF’s Blank Canvas division surprised all rebels with the announcement of the Autumn Arts Festival, a weekend-long party which featured fall-themed arts and crafts projects and events. All rebels happily put their painting smocks on as they splashed some colour on the weekend! With only three days to make the most of it, many rebels took part in the events and other checklist tasks to earn festival tickets.

The party’s checklist, with many different tasks to earn tickets and make the most of the weekend

In the end, only the most dedicated art connoisseurs could earn enough tickets to afford the Autumn Artist and Regular Van Gogh roles, but everyone had fun and unleashed their creativity either way!

Read the full announcement here 

Painting The Canvas

Much like a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece, we splattered the empty, boring weekend with a plethora of events, which took place both in RPF and in the Blank Canvas server, staying true to the collaboration. Keep reading as we unveil our art collection… or should I say, event collection!

For Friday’s events, we had: Blank Canvas and Operation: Paint Splatters [US]. this event was relevant to the party as we dressed up as cows and got into the fall spirit!

Event Pic from Operation: Paint Splatters [US]

For Saturday’s events we had: Operation: Don’t Bug Me [AUSIA] as we dressed up as ladybugs! and Blank Canvas hosted Collad Canvas!

Event pic from Operation: Don’t Bug Me [AUSIA]

As the last events of the Autumn Arts Festival, we had: Operation: Scarf Sweeties [EU] where we dressed up in scarfs, invaded the server Omlette, and held a Candy Pizzatron 3000 tournament! To wrap it up, Blank Canvas also showed an episode of Bob Ross stream.

Event pic and results from Operation: Scarf Sweeties [EU]


That’s all there is to know about the Autumn Arts Festival! We would like to thank the Party Planning Committee for delivering such a fun party. Stay tuned for more parties such as this one in the near future. Let us know what your favourite moment was!

Until next time 🙂

– EllaBella, Lieutenant General
– Cracked, Second in Command


♡A smile never goes out of style♡

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