ART COLUMN – 4/1/22

Welcome to the forty-sixth edition of Art Column where our current reporters Soup, Jaeun, and Yvng feature art pieces posted by members of the Rebel Penguin Federation in #art channel!

By definition, “art” can be best described as…

“…the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Due to this, the Art Column’s purpose is to promote all types of art. This includes whether it’s digital or physical, something you can hear or something you can see, and even if it’s RPF related or not. However, please do also keep in mind due so many members in our group, not everyone will get recognized each week. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy our weekly gallery and keep creating

Featured Artist


“hector and his hoard” by Gabi, RPF Lieutenant General

“it’s a piece i did about 4ish years ago now which is wild to think about but hector is a baby dragon who is just beginning to build up his hoard of gold and whilst he’s only small he’s fiercely defensive of it 🥺theres a couple of things i would change about it now (mainly the shadow lmao) but overall i just really wanted to draw a baby dragon”

Club Penguin & RPF Art


“dragon branch battle” by Moonlemur, RPF Officer Cadet

“dragons representing each branch from rpf”

Image“Generals and Doots” by Coric, RPF General

“Its been a hot minute since I’ve made a portrait with just the Generals and Cadets, but having 5 cadets again was a special occasion so I took the opportunity and ran”

Theme of the Week

In this segment, we will be announcing a different topic every week to challenge our artists and see what they come up with. If you would like to participate, post your art in #art with the hashtag we include here for a chance to be featured!

This week’s Theme of the Week was spring!


“Floral rows” by EllaBella, RPF Visitor

“took this and many more on my camera nothing that special about it just a little garden well it was actually big but anyway a few towns down from where I live, you can always ask me if you want to see the rest of it.”

“new life” by Lemur, RPF Brigidier General

“photography of all the amazing colours that come with spring”

Thank you to all you creative Rebels who submitted art!

Next week’s Theme of the Week will be… Anniversary! It’s RPF’s 15th anniversary week, and we’re celebrating by giving back to the Rebels who have kept us going throughout these years! Make sure to put #rpfacanniversary in the caption when you post your work in #art as your submission for the bingo giveaways, and a chance to be featured in next week’s issue. Don’t forget: art includes drawings, music, photography, paintings, and more!

All art presented was given permission by their creators to be included in this post. Never steal or take credit for another person’s work!

Thanks for reading!





oh, to be a fluffy cow sitting in the meadow with a sunset backdrop 🌼🐄

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