This week marks the eighty-fourth official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Yvng, Alienn, Sharki, Emerald, and Guinz) ask two or more people questions. Interviews won’t have same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its own unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked give us a better understanding of each troop and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of members here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hope to see you guys in a post one day!
The four interviewees are Kanga, Lemur, Yvng, and Jae!


Good day Rebels, this is EmeraldGreen hosting today’s issue of Troop Interviews! Starting off with this week, Yvng has conducted an interview with Kanga, one of our recent Troop of the Week! Let’s see what the experience with the pink role has to offer!

How does it feel to have become Troop of the Week?

With the first question of the interview, Yvng asks Kanga how getting Troop of the Week feels! Kanga said it was very unexpected but a welcome surprise, with it ending up in their top 60 moments!

Why do you think you earned TOTW?

Next up, Yvng asks why Kanga thinks they earned Troop of the Week. Kanga replies with that strong event attendance is the leading factor into receiving the pink role!

What advice would you give to other troops who aspire to be TOTW?

Afterwards Yvng follows up with letting Kanga offering any advice to any troops wishing to also be a Troop of the Week! Kanga states that being a friendly face, attending and enjoying events, and not committing any serious crimes is key to getting the role. Highly agree, especially with the last one!

What is your favourite food?

For a fun ice-breaker question, Kanga is asked about their favourite food! Kanga decides to go with pizza, as although they say there are more classier choices, baking a pizza weekly with their partner gives them something to look forward to! Very wholesome story, pizza is an elite option as well!

What goals/ranks do you hope to achieve in RPF?

Ending off the last question, Yvng wonders if there are any goals or ranks that Kanga wishes to achieves in the community! Kanga is a Colonel, which is the highest troop rank! Kanga is unsure of trying out for Officer Cadet. However, they would like to become a rebel cash millionaire! All the best with gaining that bread Kanga!


Coming up next, Guinz got around to interview one of our Officer Cadets, Lemur! Let’s get right to it and hear the full experience so far!

How long have you been in RPF?

Setting up the interview, Guinz asks how long has Lemur been in the server. He has been around for a year and eight months, same time as Guinz actually!

How does it feel to have become an Officer Cadet?

Next up, Guinz wonders how Lemur feels as an Officer Cadet. He responds with it being a learning experience, a responsibility and a exhilarating one at that!

Why do you think you earned Officer Cadet?

Afterwards, Lemur has been asked why he think he earned the promotion to Officer Cadet. His key factors listed would be attending events and assisting people in the server anyway he can. Being a positive face in main chat also helps!

What’s your favourite RPF memory?

Guinz then follows up with asking Lemur what his favourite memory in RPF would be. He says that there’s a lot but his main ones would be earning Troop of the Week and making and having so many supportful friends in the server!

What are some goals/ranks you hope to achieve in RPF?

For our final question, Guinz wonders if there is any goals or ranks that Lemur hopes to reach during his RPF career. He says he would be comfortable with earning a higher Officer rank, but is be unsure about HCOM. Only time can tell! All the best with Lemurs aim towards the higher ranks!

Yvng & Jae

Coming in next with a two-in-one interview is our two recent Second in Command promotions, Yvng and Jae! The duo is interviewed by Guinz, so time to hear how they feel about the huge accomplishment!

How do you feel about your promotion to Second in Command? 

Right off the bat, Guinz asks the two fresh second in commands Yvng and Jae about their initial thoughts of earning the orange HCOM rank. They both never thought they would reach this milestone in their careers, yet here we are! Both Yvng and Jae were shocked at first, but appreciates the new responsibilities and continue to do their best for lending a hand around RPF more!

How have your goals changed ever since you joined the server?

Guinz follows up with wondering how Yvng and Jaes goals changed ever since they were a young recruit! Jae wanted to meet new people when she first joined, which still hasn’t changed as 2IC! She wishes to help out the community and other regions, especially being the only AUSIA HCOM member. Yvng, despite brief inactivity at first, decided to hang around the server during his time and ranks up. After a retirement though, Yvng returns to go with the flow and see what he can do to contribute as HCOM! The one similarity they have with their goal is that they both climbed the ranks to get into the position they’re at right now!

What would you say are three important traits a staff should have?

Next question that Guinz asks is what are the three important qualities found in a staff member. Yvng answers with patience, responsibility, and friendliness. While Jae answers with maturity, communication, and kindness. These are all vital virtues to have in order to succeed as staff!

What’s one thing about RPF you would change?

To Guinz surprise, both decided that there is not much that they would change! RPF is already solid and no need to fix what isn’t broke! Although Jae does miss event posting quite a bit!

What’s your favourite type of event?

Adding onto the discussion, Guinz asks the gang what their favourite type of event is! Jae is a fan of fashion contests, while Yvng is more of a battles person. Both valid type of events!

Which staff duty do you feel most confident? If possible, which would be your dream RNM team to lead?

Finishing up the interview, Guinz leaves the duo with two questions, most confident staff duty and dream RNM leading team. Both Yvng and Jae are confident in leading the most! While for dream RNM teams to lead, Jae chooses the Party Planning Committee (PPC) while Yvng wishes to lead the Rebel Broadcast Team (RBT)! I wish both the best with their goals and great success if they choose to go the leader route!

And that is the end of this week’s edition of Troop Interviews!

Thank you for taking the time to read all the wonderful interviews and hope to see you all next time!

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Yvng, Alienn, Guinz, Emerald, and Sharki.


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