The Day in the Life column is back with our fifth edition! In this edition, we’ll get an inside look to the daily life of one of our Rebel Commanders, a former HCOM who rejoined and is currently a Lieutenant General, and one of our Colonel troops. Let’s see how they spend their time and what they do outside of their penguin life!

Our first interviewee is f6sixer, everyone’s favorite robot and one of our Rebel Commanders!

I’m a mechanical engineer by profession and I write code to simulate machinery and phenomena related to fluids and heat/mass transfer. I typically work from 8am to 5pm and I write new features, debug and optimize old code. Work can get challenging at times give the complexity of problems we try to solve, but at the end of the day, as a programmer, there’s no greater joy than seeing your code run and produce the results you were expecting. RPF’s schedule more or less fits in well with my irl schedule allowing me to attend most if not all RPF events. RPF events (esp EU ones) are nice breaks I take at work which sometimes provide a much needed reprieve from the cycle of building and debugging. Once I’m home, I spend some time prepping up a nice meal and check out discord (specifically RPF staff chats) and provide my input where needed. I consider myself lucky to have such an excellent HCOM team. They’ve made my time as RC quite easy and with their help, elex and I’ve been able to lead RPF to great heights. Week days follow a set routine thanks to IRL work, but I like to sleep in on weekends :sleep~2:. During my free time I enjoy cooking, watching documentaries, movies (no romcoms :E8~8:), tv shows, learning about new and quirky coding concepts and ofc binge watching tech and fail compilations on YT. I also like playing open world games such as Assassin’s Creed and Minecraft. Before the pandemic, I used to work out in a gym, go trail running and play badminton and I look forward to doing that later this spring/summer (assuming we don’t get the 42069th wave of covid :godplease: – get vaxxed folks!!!!). Finding time to balance work, irl and RPF is challenging and I’m surprised that I’ve been juggling it as long as I have lol. That being said, RPF’s nice community makes it worth the effort!

Next up is Lance, a former Third in Command himself and a rejoined Lieutenant General!

Due to being a college student, my days are often jam packed. I usually wake up at around 7am in order to get ready quick enough to be out the door by 7:30am. At that time, I take a 15 minute walk to my 8am class during which I normally vibe to music, chat in main a bit, and enjoy the nice weather. During my 8am class, I often hype or try to help out with AUSIA before the event starts instead of paying attention. On my way back from class, I typically stop to get some breakfast which I take back home with me to eat. After eating, depending on the day I usually will take a nap or run some errands with my roommates (sometimes a last minute trip to go buy art supplies is necessary haha). After, I’ll typically make a quick lunch at home and then head out to my 5pm class at around 4pm. I usually stop at Starbucks (coffee gets me through art school I swear) and then I take the bus to class. My classes are long so during my 5pm class I typically end up doing other homework (or chatting in main…), so by the time class lets out at 7:30pm I feel adequately productive. From there, I take the bus home and then mobile order some dinner. When I get back, my roommates and I will typically meet up to pick up our dinner and bring it back home. After eating dinner, I’ll usually spend the rest of the night working on homework, hanging out and chatting with my roommates, calling my loved ones back home, or hanging out with my online friends…although a lot of that time is spent working on last minute art pieces that I procrastinated on :] At around 11:30pm, I say goodnight to my roommates and then chat with my friends until I decide to go to sleep. When I have time, I also really enjoy working on a comic passion project of mine, playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and training for soccer – as well as fitting in time to chat in RPF, recruit, and participate in events 😀

Lastly, Kanga, one of our Colonels, told us about their day to day life!

It’s 7 am. I wake up and grab breakfast. I usually have several bites of cookie dough with an orange juice since it gives me the energy boost I need to start the day (I know it can give you salmonella but I got it before so I’m completely immune now). 7:10 and it’s time for my morning workout. Currently I’m up to about 11 situps and 13 squats but I’m looking to fit an extra couple squats in there in the next 10 working days. 7:20 and it’s time to collect all of the gold coins and other artificial currencies in the various mobile games I play. This takes a while but, by 7:50, I’m getting ready to leave. I brush my teeth while also having mouthwash in my mouth to save time so that I can leave at 8:00. I hop on my bike and start cycling to work with the speed and vigour of a great mountain ape. I cycle across a big field with cows in it and always take the time to count them to ensure they are still all there (I still haven’t gotten over Bessie). I get to work by 8:30 and I quickly set up at my desk before one of my several rivals (Brian) takes it. At work I’m researching using machine learning for early cancer diagnosis which isn’t that interesting to talk about so I’ll skip over my work day. I will usually have a packed lunch so that I don’t give up my desk (to Brian) and I often do RPF events during work because who is going to stop me. After work I cycle home with only the speed and vigour of a lesser hillside ape since I am tired from a day spent sitting motionless. Once I’m home I like to sit down for a bit before I start to think about dinner. I like to cook and so cook dinner most days for me and my wife. After putting the leftovers away into pieces of tupperware from my extensive tupperware collection and preparing tomorrow’s lunch: it’s gamer time. I recline in my Among Us themed racing chair and load up a game. I play pretty standard games like Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, Gex, Hatris (sequel to Tetris but about hats), Snakes & Ladders, Scrabble Jr. and of course: Club Penguin. I also use this time to attend EU and US events and check on Discord. At 11:30 gamer time is up and it’s time for bed. I make sure I have all the pillows that I need for sufficient lumbar support and then doze off to dream such dreams as “I meet Kanye West but he’s just trying to sell me Gex themed NFTs” (just a recent example so you can see the horrors I have to endure). Then I wake up at 7 am the next day to start this beautiful process all over again.

Hopefully you enjoyed this insight to the daily lives of some of your fellow rebels. Stay tuned for our next edition!

Yvng Baller – RBT Editor

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