ART COLUMN – 9/26/21

Welcome to the thirty-eighth edition of the Art Column, where our reporters (currently Anya, Cracked and Jaeun) see and critique pieces in the #art channel and choose which to feature from members of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

By definition, “art” can be best described as…

“…the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

Due to this, the Art Column’s purpose is to promote all types of art. This includes whether it’s digital or physical, something you can hear or something you can see, and even if it’s RPF related or not. However, please do also keep in mind due so many members in our group, not everyone will get recognized each week. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy our weekly gallery and keep creating!

Featured Artist

”Susan”, made by Rose, RPF Lance Corporal

”So this took about 1 hour and 30 minutes because I’m indecisive, was testing new brushes, and I also got her hair colour entirely wrong as you do. I also was trying to draw hair like that for the first time as usually i stick to wavy hair haha. What inspired it was my current like obsession with the Walten Files I guess lol, she’s my favourite aye. I used procreate, the app on the ipad, and the apple pencil that I lost about three times while drawing. Give it up for Susan Woodings guys!!

Club Penguin & RPF Art

”Pumpkin Patch”, made by AOL, RPF Lance Corporal

”ScareHerbert guarding the patch.”

”2 Gays 1 Penguin”, made by Bratty, RPF Veteran, and Mizore, RPF Colonel

“We just wanted some form of matching posters for our bedrooms so we decided to make our own poster and have it centered around a mascot we simp for.”

Theme of the Week

”Abnormal”, made by Crow, RPF Colonel

“I came up with the idea of adding words cuz of inspo of the burn book type word scrapbook thing. I really wanted to incorperate some letters i found in a magazine and i found a bunch so i made abnormal because the “world” of my artwork is really abnormal. Theres lots going on with shoes, heads and eyes but i think my personal favourite is the little pink crystal at the bottom which i drew on a cute silly face! Its just so funky and so cute i love it.”

”Chaos in my mind”, made by jjsnowflake, RPF Colonel

“This is the chaos that is my mind and the periwinkle and green stickmen represent my last 2 brain cells :’) Thanks for looking into my mind!”

”Dark Lord’s vacation home”, made by Yummy, RPF Lieutenant

“Sometimes i think Dark Enchantress Cookie takes breaks when conquering Earthbread, so i made her this small vacation house so she can cool off. I also put a flower pot with a wither rose and a sign in the 2nd floor with the words “when darkness falls, our enemies fall with it” because i thought they could make her feel at home more.”

Thank you to everyone who submitted art!

Next week’s Theme of the Week will be… Mosaic! A Mosaic is a pattern or image made up of small irregular pieces or segments. Whether you find a mosaic that captivates your attention, or you decide to get creative and design one yourself, we are looking forward to seeing all your creations! Make sure to put #rpfacmosaic in the caption when you post your work if you would like to be featured here next week! Don’t forget: art includes drawings, music, photography, paintings, and more!

All art presented was given permission by their creators to be included in this post. Never steal or take credit for another person’s work!

Thanks for reading!

Cracked – RBT Art Column Editor


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