As Autumn falls upon the island, the classic and fun-filled Fair party returns! Grab your popcorn and cotton candy, because we’ll be taking a look at all the prizes that can be earned, as well as all the new rooms and fun games!

Free Items

To start off, be sure to pick up the Blue Propeller Hat from the Town!

Moving on to the Ski Village, stand on the little stage and click on the camera to get the Step Right Up Background!

From the Snow Forts, follow the path by the clock tower to enter the Whacky House; one of the new rooms exlusive to The Fair! Once you get there, you can pick up the Box Costume and Box Shoes.

New Rooms

Tons of fun, unique rooms have been released alongside The Fair! Whether you want to admire the views from the ferris wheel, travel to the future, or morph into ridiculous sizes, now’s your chance to do so! Here’s how to get to each of them:

Snow Forts -> Whacky House
Docks -> Game Room
Forest -> Bonus Game Room
Game Room -> Wagon Wheel + Space Funzone
Space Funzone -> Blast-Off Bistro + Dance Dome + Space Coaster

Tickets & Prizes

As per tradition, The Fair brings us booths featuring a variety of items we can earn with a special currency: tickets! Special games are available during this party to help you earn tickets.

This is what each Prize Booth (found in the Forest and Bonus Game Room respectively) with all ticket-obtainable items looks like:

The Spin To Win wheel is also available in the Game Room, allowing you to earn Mystery Prizes! It runs on Golden Tickets, which you can earn randomly after playing any of the new games, or by spending 2500 normal tickets.

These are all the Mystery Prizes you can get from the Spin To Win game:

These are all the games that will net you some tickets:

Forest: Memory Card Game, Puffle Paddle
Game Room: Spin The Wheel, Ring The Bell, Puffle Shuffle
Bonus Game Room: Feed-A-Puffle, Puffle Soaker

That’s it for this party! Hope you have fun waddling around and seeing everything this year’s Fair has to offer. Stay tuned for more parties in the future! If you’d like to stay up to date with pin locations, catalog secrets, mascot visits, and more, check out our Discord!

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