Behind The Emote: Officers [Part 3]

Welcome back to another Behind the Emote, where Tomatoeee and I, z3ming, asked some officers about their favourite emotes! Read on for an inside look to what’s going on inside these officers’ minds when they use these emotes.


:oop~5: (OOP) is one i use a lot bc rpf has some really funny moments whether they’re intentional a lot and the emoji it my head is a p good representation of how i feel when i see those.

:sobbin: (sobbin) in a similar way is one i use a lot because you truly never know what main chat is going to be and thetes a lot of questionable decisions/things said which are just funny so i constantly find myself using it

:finger_guns: (finger_guns) it’s a toss up between a couple but probably just about wins as it can be used as a response to so much and i also just really like the way it looks!


:waaaaaaaaaaaa: (waaaaaaaaaaaa) I love this one cuz it expresses how I feel 20% of the time

:superweary: (superweary) I love this one cuz it expresses the other 80% of how I feel all the time

:afbf: (afbf) AND AFBF OFC


:flushedballoon: (flush) i enjoy many variations of flushed or blushing (i also tend to use redface a lot). it is versatile and imo a perfect way to spice up a sentence/add into a request to make it seem more laid back or less awkward. i like this flushed specifically because,, it feels like it gives off a different vibe to the normal flushed while still capturing its normal charm

:beyblade: (beyblade) just a classic. love to use this one in dead chat or to fill space. its fun and eye catching and also makes people remember when we could do that in game without being at risk of crashing the whole thing (or when we did it anyways). its just a very fun emote and since its in rpf uni its also free promo for when i use it outside of rpf…which i do frequently (i put it on a title slide of a presentation once)

:ayoo: (ayoo) this is def one of my most used since rejoining rpf. im not sure how to describe it but its just PERFECT for weird situations,, like when you come into main chat and something absolutely baffling is going on. its just funny to me and also every time i use it i wonder how it was made. but it perfectly captures my feelings every time i use it and so i have learned to love it


(heart) From when I joined RPF, this was my signature emote that I found myself spreading a lot because everyone was always so nice! Sometimes I use other forms of heart emotes as well like the “two hearts” emoji, and when I had nitro I loved using animated heart emotes all the time because I could! But the classic heart will always be universally the best especially because no nitro needed.

:nyaCute2~1: (nyaCute2) and many of the other nya cat emotes from the Peach Cat server because they’re just so funny and cute <3 nyaaaa~

:Applebruh: (applebruh) honestly just to annoy EmeraldGreen and z3 LOLLL


(shindeloveu) This is one of my fav emotes because, first off it’s adorable , and second off because it expresses my sweetness and it makes other people feel welcomed <3 Also my dad has called me monkey girl since I was little so it just brings back a lot of memories.

:dogjam: (dogjam) This is another one of my favs because I kept seeing Yvng send this in the first few months of me joining RPF and I think it’s really cute and is such a mood  Dog Jam for the win!!!

:pfffft: (pfffft) I definitely couldn’t forget Pfffft Pikachu! It’s just really cute and I use it to start talking in chat sometimes. It also just describes my typical happy self lol


(period) I use this emoji a lot whenever I do a good job at something or if I’m just in a good mood in general. I think it’s because I use the word period a lot.

(teddy_bear) I use this emoji because I think it’s cute and I like the aesthetic of it. I’ll mostly use it whenever I change my nickname, not so much directly in a message.

(shifty) I use this emoji because in all honestly it’s such a mood. I can use it when I don’t know what to say or when I see something bizarre.


:smiles: (smiles) ofc is my favourite emote of all time due to its highly scary nature but its all just a smile. honestly its creepily cute and i love it (and also to use it specially for z3 🙂

:OOP: (OOP) because i simply use it a lot when im unsure of something or im teasing someone HAHHAHAH

:cutesobs: (cutesobs) because its cute but still sobbing which is an entire mood in itself

Master DS

:hehe: (hehe) because it’s like a calm and dignified way of laughing without sounding rude

:pfffft: (pfffft) because it represents an accurate face I make when I have an urgent need to explode into laughter

(partying_face) because I am a fun person and I love to party and celebrate my friends’ happy moments with them


:grrr: (grrr) i normally use it if im annoyed or like during battles

:flop: (flop) i use it if im tired or fed up

:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) i use this one when ive got lots of energy

We hope you had a good time getting the inside scoop in this third edition of Behind the Emote: Officers Edition! Let us know in #main-chat how you feel about these emote choices, and stay tuned for another “Behind the…” coming soon!

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