Hey there rebels! Welcome back to the cool little segment called Behind the Name, where Z3ming and I, Tomatoeee, went around and asked the different officers in RPF about the story behind their usernames. Be ready for this exciting and interesting journey as we dive deeper into the meanings behind some of our officer’s usernames!


I used to play the classic Pokemon games and watch some of the movies and show as a kid, but I didn’t really start getting familiar with a lot of the creatures’ names until I got into Pokemon Go during the pandemic, and then Pokemon Unite last year when it released. But actually I originally learned about Skitty when someone asked me if I liked that Pokemon since they thought I would, and I hadn’t heard of it before. Since I love cats (although I don’t have one due to apartment living and space issues) and also the color pink, I just fell in love with it! I thought the name was super cute too, and from then on thought of it as my spirit animal. I added the Litty part afterwards, because (as my friends would probably also testify to) I can get a lil’ crazy sometimes :p And I think the rhyming adds a nice ring to it, I think others do too!


“Not much of a story, I initially joined Discord to chat with an irl friend. I literally had no idea what to name myself, I didn’t want to have the same tag as my other social media, and then I remembered the “Why are you buying clothes at the soup store” meme and literally thought “oh why not that meme is funny”. And then Yoda recruited me and I immediately got christened as soup by yall and the soup jokes began.”

Master DS

 “So it all started back in my days when I was playing Clash of Clans, where my username in-game was initially Madam DS. DS are my initials reversed. I went from clan to clan, then I suddenly stumbled upon a rookie clan, and we had our fun in wars and what not. In COC, there is a ranking system through leagues, where the more villages you invade, the higher your trophy count, and the higher you go up the leagues. I was in Crystal league and was grinding my way up to Master league. Then one day, one of my clan mates jokingly called me “Master DS” as I was approaching Master league, and I thought it was a pretty cool name. So, when I finally reached Master league, I changed my name to Master DS. Then, my clan mates and I decided to make a group chat on Discord, and so I named myself after my COC username.”


 “So it was during my initial marvel obsession, I was wondering what I could use for online names so I thought of Marvel characters and tried to make alterations, and I got to nightmonkey (from spiderman far from home) and I changed it to moon for night and lemur for monkey.”


 “Gabgeirl is the name I had back on OG CP! I made the account when I was quite young and didnt quite have spelling down yet (it was probably around 2008/9 so i was 6-7) and it was meant to be Gabgirl but alas I wasn’t sure how to spell girl and figured lots of words have e’s in them somewhere so sort of just put one in the middle oop. But when I made an account on cpr I couldn’t bear to fix it since that was always my club penguin name! So here I am over a decade later with the same typo.”


 “I chose my name after thinking of the different names I liked if I was to change my actual name lol. Especially since it’s different than “typical names.” I don’t know many maggie’s and I wanted it to be unique even if it’s on the internet like a life where I got to choose my name.”


 “So in my early days of high school my friends and I would spend most of our lunch and class time playing stupid online games. One day someone suggested that we play animal jam, and since we were just playing as a joke and not really serious about it, I decided I would pick a joke username. so I created the username klance42069 – “klance” being a combination of two character’s names – Keith and Lance – from my favorite show at the time, Voltron: Legendary Defender… and 42069 because I was 14 and that was the peak of humor to me. when creating a CPR account, I chose to use the same name because I didn’t believe I was going to take it seriously. But alas, I joined RPF and unexpectedly started taking the game extremely seriously… LOL. People in RPF would call me “klance” and I thought that was weird and clunky (also a lot of people pronounced it wrong and it made it difficult for people to figure out my gender) so I got rid of the K and just became “Lance”, who also happens to be my favorite character from that show – so I feel like it fits. :)”


 “I like tomatoes, and it’s been my favourite food since young! I eat tomatoes in all shapes and cooked styles (raw, cooked, sautéed, etc) (cherry, big ones, sliced ones, yes you get it). I previously wanted “tomato” but it turns out someone else was already named tomato on CPR so I added one e to become tomatoes. Unfortunately, it was taken. So I added 3 e’s cos I thought it wld look better than two e’s so there it is.”

And that concludes Behind the Name: Officers Edition Part 2! We hope you enjoyed reading along and finding out the story that led to some of our amazing officers’ names! Which one was the most surprising to you? Let us know in our #main-chat and stay tuned for more Behind the Scenes posts in the future! See you soon!



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