The Day in the Life column is back with our sixth edition! In this edition, we’ll get an inside look to the daily life of one of our Colonels, a former HCOM who is still around the server as another Colonel, and our very own Brigadier General! Time to dive right in and take a peep at what their schedules, both RPF-related and beyond, consists of for their everyday lives!

Coming up first is Colonel Tesaurum!

On weekdays, my phone blasts the room with Apple’s iconic (or rather traumatic) Radar alarm tone. 5:00 AM! I get out of bed, wash my face, and get dressed. During the winter, I get to wear all sorts of combinations with my plethora of hoodies. My summertime outfits are more limited in favor of wearing thinner clothing and less layers. Nevertheless, I always accent my outfit with eccentric socks and sneakers—clothing is a way for me to express myself! After getting dressed, I grab some breakfast. Sometimes I have chicken adobo, or pancit, or pork barbecue, or sinigang, or any other type of Filipino dish—but always with rice. Afterwards, I go brush my teeth and grab whatever else I need to bring and head off to school. I go through the same schedule every school day—it can get pretty monotonous, but I’ll always look forward to when life sprinkles in those magical days filled with hilarious moments and unforgettable experiences! They can range from modest accomplishments such as completing an engineering project to wild, chaotic phenomena such as my teacher failing to catch a box and getting smacked in the face—while standing in front of class. Regardless, I come home after school to settle down and relax. On some days I lie in bed and watch YouTube, on other days I check out Discord and spend some time there, and sometimes I simply take a nap. After some relaxing time, it’s time to be productive once again—homework, studies, editing, eating, chores; whatever is needed to be done is what I work on for the rest of the day. I don’t really have a strict schedule to follow in this part of my day, so I take my time in whatever tasks I have to do in order to avoid stressing myself out. I already have a full plate with everything that’s going on in my life! The sun sets, the moon rises, and it’s bedtime. I get ready to go to bed by following the same morning routine—wash my face, brush my teeth, etc. Once done, I crash into my bed and shut down for the next day. Rinse and repeat! I typically don’t have a schedule on weekends. Similar to how I do whatever tasks I need to do in weekdays after school, I do whatever I need to do for the entire day! It’s all pretty flexible for me, though I might spend most of my Saturday working on YouTube Team and Graphics Team stuff, should they have any projects I’m assigned. When I work on a YouTube Team project (yes, the trailers), I work in bursts. I begin the process by searching for music—this could be a multi-day process if I decide to spend some spare time listening to possible trailer music during the weekdays. Anyhow, I end up finalizing on a track by the weekend, and my music choice determines how the entire trailer will be built. For example, the Christmas Chaos XI trailer became 80s themed because I found a track based on Wonder Woman 1984’s music. From there, I synthesize the rest of the trailer, always keeping in mind what the “bang” ending would look like based on what I heard in the trailer music. (Fun Fact: My first trailer, Legends Cup XI, had music originally produced by my friend! Shoutout to him; he made things a lot easier for me by removing the music selection process.) Likewise, I work on a Graphics Team project in bursts. Most recently, the #RPF15 Discord logo took me a couple of hours; a burst of learning how to animate 3D objects with tutorials, then a burst of actually doing it and experimenting a little! Graphics Team projects take less time for me since I use tools I’m more experienced in when I work on them. If I’m not doing anything, I typically just spend time with my friends IRL or playing video games. 🙂

Right after is Trackling, a previous HCOM and current Colonel!

I’m currently a voluntary stage performer getting work experience, but I plan to get a paid job in the future. I’m gonna get deep! In my past as RPF staff I had poor mental health mainly because I put RPF over real life, but the worst was skipping stage training for AUSIA. Some advice for aspiring staff: don’t feel unvalued if you don’t get a promotion for ages and stay in frequent communication with your superiors. I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who, I own all episodes on DVD and I’m currently collecting all the Big Finish audios!

Wrapping up is our current Brigadier general Master DS!

As a college student, my life is definitely a busy one with deadlines almost every week and work piling up because new work keeps coming in. I wake up in the morning usually around 7 AM, I go eat breakfast (more like force myself to eat even though I get hungry again near 10 AM), and I go to attend my classes, which pretty much take up my entire day because I usually arrive home at around 5 PM, mostly because I stay behind to get some homework done while I’m still in a productive mood. To be honest, this past semester had me especially busy since I had classes almost everyday, and I could barely attend any weekday events. However, I always make sure to contribute my part to the rebellion by attending events on the weekends, and US events since they are late into the day. My classes start from 9 AM and typically end late afternoon, while also eating a gazillion snacks in between classes to keep my sanity up 😂 , and I would also check on discord from time to time to see what is going on in the RPF server. One hobby I developed quite well during my time in the RPF is my drawing skills, as I have found myself to draw a lot of penguin-related art lately, mainly in my role as a graphic designer, which I am grateful for as I love art. Overall, I would say that the RPF has added a dash of twists and wonderful into my life!

Huge shoutout to Tesa, Track, and Master DS for sharing their insights on how their day-to-day lives look like! Hope you enjoyed reading through all the daily lives of some more familiar faces in the community! Make sure to keep a look out for our next edition and see you next time!

EmeraldGreen ~ General


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