Hey Rebels, welcome to our sequel from the Behind the Profile Pictures series! This time Yvng and I both went around asking officers’ in RPF for the story behind their iconic pfps! With out further ado, sit back and get ready to learn all about the history of your current officers’ profile pictures!


“Well, I don’t know if you’ve seen Riverdale or not. But Lili Reinhart plays Betty in it. I for one, actually HATED the character for most of the first season until my friend legit goes. “Wow, you’re just like her.” So me, who hates her, is like “UM??” she goes “Well she’s like super nice and quiet, but is dark and twisty. Like, you’d solve my murder for me if you needed to.” I laughed. But, Lili Reinhart came out with a book called Swimming Lessons last year during the pandemic. And being the book nerd I am, I snatched it and read it during quarantine. Then I read it again and again. It was all about mental health awareness and body positivity which I’m a strong advocate for. So then came the lili Reinhart pfp LOL.”


“When i first joined RPF i had no idea what to use as my pfp so in a hurry i ended up choosing Remy puking in Ratatouille (the ogs know!) once i had sat down and started talking to people and liked the vibe in RPF i was like aw hell nah i cannot keep Remy as my pfp so i was like what is an iconic person/character that i feel represents me the best? so i chose Moana. she’s just such an amazing character, the movie is a work of art, and she represents my culture so well! ever since then, i had a brand of Moana pfps and tried to match it to my rank as much as possible from specialist to TOTW to brigadier general i loved having her as my pfp. even though i don’t use Moana pfps as much anymore, i always have a soft spot for them so you can catch me rocking it out once in a while :hehe~2:


“This is a gif profile picture I like to use when I got nitro of cool Yoda gifs I like compiled together. Since my name is Yodabobobo, I usually try to stick to a Yoda pic alternating between many. I always enjoy switching profile pictures to cool non-Yoda stuff so I don’t feel as restricted in terms of pic choices.”


“When I first joined RPF I was brand new to Discord so I didn’t have a pfp yet. When it came time for me to hunt for my first profile picture, in all honesty I simply just looked around my room and the first thing that caught my eye was my Stitch stuffed animal sitting on my bed. So I decided to make my pfp him! And over time he just kinda stuck with me:) I love the movie Lilo and Stitch and have always been a huge Disney fan growing up so it worked out perfect for me. (also who wouldn’t want a crazy little alien dude as your pfp!!!)”


“Well, I started watching she-ra in like summer because people in RPF recommended it and seemed to love it. :flushed: Whilst watching it Catra and Hordak stood out to me since villains>>>>>> so I made them my pfp. Eventually I just stuck with Catra since she’s such an icon throughout the series (highly recommend everyone to watch it btw) :sunglasses:


“I think my love of frogs started when my friend showed me this really cute frog instagram acc. (shoutout @pppista) last year, some friends made a group chat where we mostly just send funny frog pics, and i’m pretty sure my first frog pfp was from that. for a while i put DM ME FROG PICS in my name so i got a lot of my pfps from people dming me cute frog pictures <3 now i just search up cute frogs on google images or Giphy, and i still get sent some occasionally”


“Alright so I had a Discord account for a year before joining RPF, but never really used it or gave it any attention, so I pretty much just ignored it and didn’t even use a pfp. When I joined RPF last June, people who saw me in chat said to me that I should consider getting one, and I thought having a pfp would be nice, but I didn’t even know what to use. Since I’ve always liked the Fallout series, I eventually decided to use Vault Boy for my pfp (he do be kinda cute) :flushed:  I used a couple other random pfps before settling for Vault Boy, but I finally discovered my :sparkles: true identity :sparkles:


“When I first joined discord I used my dog as my pfp because I didn’t know how the app worked, but about a month in RPF the first Picrew trend I experienced was the cartoony one which i had for a while. Now i try to switch them up every month and have become known for always having a Picrew, so if you ever want one just ask me :D”


“When I started out in RPF I constantly switched my pfp, I noticed that the Staff and HCOM all had consistent pfp’s. I chose Draco Malfoy because I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and a Slytherin :snake: . But I also chose Draco because he’s a very misunderstood character, he’s a bully but realizes that being a bully isn’t all that. He notices that the life he’s born to have is wrong, and he wants to change but everyone else already has this perception of him. He redeems himself in the books by saving Harry and defying everything his family stood for. So when you think Draco is just one thing, or evil he’s really created something more of himself. It’s very powerful to be someone who has a reputation and breaking the barrier to show the world who you really want to be.”


“As a guitarist, I’ve got people in that field I look up to. Jimi Hendrix, being arguably the best guitarist ever, is a huge inspiration and idol of mine! This profile pic is from his live show at the Atlanta Pop festival in 1970, performing his iconic song ‘Purple Haze’ RIP legend :guitar:

And that’s a wrap on Behind the PFP! Stay tuned for part two coming soon! I hope you all enjoyed reading about the history of all of our lovely Officers’ profile pictures. Until next time penguin pals, this is your fellow Stitch girl, Mars, signing off!

Mars ~ Lieutenant General

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