Heya Rebels! April is here, which means a new CPJourney penguin style catalog! This catalog has lots of silly and spring items, and of course, lots of secrets! Continue reading to check out all of the silliness and catalog secrets!

-Page 2-

There are 4 secrets on this page.

1. Click on the fairy penguins blue head piece for the Pink Flutter.

2. On the left side, click on the crater on the moon for the Pink Duffle Coat.

3. Click on the fairy penguins hand for the Jazzercise Top.

4. Click on the yellow spot underneath the astronaut penguins lifted foot for the White Checkered Shoes.

-Page 3-

There are 4 secrets on this page.

5. Click the gold badge on the cowboy hat for the Pink Cowgirl Hat.

6. Click the top button on the cowboy outfit for the Pink Cowgirl Shirt.

7. On the right side, click on the moon crater to get the Cocoa Bunny Ears.

8. Click on the bunny penguins hand to get the Cocoa Bunny Costume.

-Page 4-

There are 5 secrets on this page.

9. Click on the ballerina bunny penguins eye for the Pink Toque.

10. Click the knot on the bunny ears for the Blue Bunny Slippers.

11. On the left side, click the opening on the bottle for the Pink Dress.

12. Click the mushroom on the pizza for the Dark Cocoa Bunny Ears.

13. Click the pepperoni on the pizza for the Dark Cocoa Bunny Costume.

-Page 5-

There are 3 secrets on this page.

14. Click the wheels on the rollerskates for the Pink Rollerskates.

15. Click the tongue on the right penguin for the Mullet Necktie.

16. Click the furthest right shoelace on the ground for the Blue Canvas Shoes.

-Page 6-

There are 3 secrets on this page.

17. Click the left penguins zipper for the Lavender Turtleneck.

18. Click the treetop left of the penguin with red hair for the Flower Basket.

19. Click the third pearl on the right penguins purse for the Flower Hat.

-Page 7-

There are 3 secrets on this page.

20. Click the back chair leg underneath the light blue penguin for the Black Hoodie.

21. Click the third line on the newspaper for the Black Sneakers.

22. Click the first tassel on the right penguins scarf for the Pom Pom Scarf.

-Page 8-

There are 4 secrets on this page.

23. Click the blue hairtie on the playercard version of the penguin with the Sunset Hoodie for the Brown Leather Cuffs.

24. Click the button on the left penguins hoodie for the Sunny Necktie.

25. Click the top strand of hair on the right penguin for the Brown Striped Fedora.

26. Click the treetop closest to the right penguin for the Sunny Felt Hat.

-Page 16-

There are 3 secrets on this page.

26. Click the “Penguins At Work” sign once for the Viking Helmet, twice for the Blue Viking Helmet, and three times for the Gold Viking Helmet.

That is all for the April 2024 CPJourney penguin style catalog guide! Check here for the March 2024 catalog guide! Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed getting the secrets from the catalog! Be sure to join our Discord Server here so you don’t miss out on future CPJ and CPL catalog guides!

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  1. theres also leather cuffs if you click on the blue hair tie in the player version of the sunset hoodie

  2. I’m still waiting for this catalog to hit. Does it take a minute to reach different countries?

    • It should be available everywhere. You can try clearing your browser’s cache, because it could be backed up and preventing the update for working properly (beware this will delete some website data though).

      Are you in our Discord server? It’s what we all use to chat, and I’m sure someone there could help you out. <—- you can visit that link to join!

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