Heya Rebels! Happy April Fool’s Day! The Club Penguin News Team is BACK with another party guide, here we will tell you all about the Party Pass, the Easter Egg Hunt, The Freebies, and the party stamps available! Be sure to check out our April Fool’s quests guide here for a guide on how to 100% this party! Now without further ado, let’s get started!

Party Pass

Firstly, head to Snow Forts and go through the Box Dimension portal! This is where gathering the pieces for the Party Pass will take place!

Begin by clicking the cardboard piece directly in the middle of the dimensions! By doing this, you’ll have picked up the first piece of the Party Pass! This and all other pieces will automatically open the Party Pass paper, showing you your progress.

Next, let’s head to the Desert Dimension!

Simply click on the cardboard piece in the top right, it’ll be under the Party Pass Paper button and the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt button.

Next, let’s head to to the Doodle Dimension!

Click on the blue pencil at the center bottom of the screen, this will cause the pencil to draw your next cardboard piece onto the sticky note on the right.

Next, let’s head to the Space Dimension!

For your next piece, Click on the stars, starting from the bottom-left (more specifically the star in the smaller red square), and make your way clockwise until you form the stapler.

Next, let’s head to the Sillyplace Dimension!

Your next cardboard piece will be on the very right, seated on the top of a stool.

Next, let’s head to the Stairs Dimension.

For your next cardboard piece, click on the slightly offcolored tile slightly to the top of the screen, it is your next piece!

Next, let’s head to the Creamsoda Dimension!

For the tape, you will see the tape itself in the top right corner, a series of barrels around the screen, and a pressure plate just under the tape. Walk through the barrels, this will randomly take you to another barrel, continue this until you get to the top right, then walk on the pressure plate and retrieve the tape! Note: The barrel maze is randomized, Simply continue to try different combinations and walk through different barrels until you reach the top right.

Lastly, let’s head to the Candy Dimension!

For your last piece, click on the grey spoon in the top left corner of the screen, this will cause the spoon to scoop out ice cream and then scoop out the last piece!

Congratulations on getting the Party Pass and the Box Costume! Continue reading for additional information about the party, the Easter Egg Hunt, and for the free items!

Easter Egg Hunt

Ski Lodge Attic: You can find the plain white egg inside of the Ski Lodge Attic just below the rainbow in the top right.

Lighthouse: The net egg can be found inside the Lighthouse, closer to the middle of the screen just on top of the net.

Book Room: Found above the Coffee Shop, the Book Room is home to the plant egg, of which is located on the very left, hidden in the plant.

Mine Shack: The flower egg can be found to the left on the mine shack, just to the left of a flower patch.

Lakeside: The rock egg can be found at the bottom of the screen, hidden beside a rock in the middle of the lake.

Pizza Parlor: The candle egg can be found in the very middle of the screen, seated on the center table.

Boiler Room: The golden puffle egg can be found on the left side of the screen, just below the pot of boiling water.

Iceberg: The Aqua Grabber engine egg can be found on the top right portion of the screen, acting as a part of the Aqua Grabber.

Congratulations! After collecting all of the eggs, the scavenger hunt menu should look like this! Be sure to claim the Yellow Bunny Ears via the “Claim Prize” button on the menu!

Dimension Catalogs

Once you enter one of dimensions, you will have a catalog button in the bottom right. All dimensions have their own catalog, these catalogs do not have any secrets but there are lots of goodies to buy from them!

Desert Dimension Catalog:

Doodle Dimension Catalog:

Space Dimension Catalog:

Sillyplace Dimension Catalog:

Stairs Dimension Catalog:

Creamsoda Dimension Catalog:

Candy Dimension Catalog:

Free Items

Firstly, let’s head over to the docks! Here you will find a canvas, simply throw snowballs at the canvas until it looks like it does in the image below, this will cause the Purple Propeller Hat to fly in and land on the platform to the right of the canvas!

Next, head to Plaza! Here you will find the Red Propeller Cap in the bottom right next to the purple arrow.

Next, head to the Beach! Here you will find the Funny-Face Glasses in a box further toward to the bottom of the screen!

Next, let’s head to the Desert Dimension! Here you will find the Box Shoes in a bin closer to the center of the screen.

Next, let’s head to the Space Dimension! Here you will find the Box Hat in a bin closer to the right of the screen.

Next, let’s head to the Strange Dimension! Here, in the bottom right, you’ll find the secret locker, within of which is the Delivery Outfit and Delivery Hat

Party Stamps

Explorer: Explore all decorated party rooms.
Party Puzzle: Complete the star puzzle in the Space Dimension.
Target Champion: Throw 50 snowballs at the canvas located in Docks
Scavenger Hunt: Complete the Box Hunt/Party Pass
Path Finder: Complete the barrel maze in the Creamsoda Dimension

And that is all for the April Fool’s Party guide! We hope you enjoyed exploring dimensions, checking out the dimension catalogs, and getting all of the free items available! Don’t forget to check out our party quests guide either! Be sure to join our Discord Server to be notified of future CPL and CPJ guides! Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the party!

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