The 2024 CPLegacy April Fool’s Party is here! The party comes with a plethora of party quests to do throughout the duration of the party! Keep reading this guide for how to complete the party quests! We also have a separate Party/Party Pass guide which you can find here. Let’s get started with these quests now, shall we?

Easy Quests

Interact with Box’s Cradle: Go to the beacon and hover your mouse over the cardboard envelopes at the top of the screen.

Have trees do “Gnarly Waves”: Head to the Cove and click on the Gnarly Waves sign located in the bottom left.
Cannonball with the Box: Hover over the diving board on the right.
Look out with the Binoculars: Click on the binoculars hanging off of the lifeguard chair.

Throw paint at the dock: Simply throw a snowball at the canvas located in docks! (If paint doesn’t splatter, try enabling “hide penguins” under visuals in settings)

Enter the Box Dimension: Enter the Box Dimension via the portal located in Snow Forts.

Sit on the Throne: Sit on the throne located in the Sillyplace Dimension. (Portal shown in first picture)

Say “HELLO” from above!: Go town, walk up the Coffee Shop to the left of the Coffee Shop door to get up into the windows. Press H to say Hello.

Pet the Box Dragon: Simply click the top of the box dragon’s head located in Forest.

Go Upside Down: Enter the Stairs Dimension. (Portal shown in first picture)

Become a Doodle!: Enter the Doodle Dimension. (Portal shown in first picture)

Talk to the Stone Head: Located in the Strange Dimension (You’ll need the Box Costume to access), stand on the stone head’s mouth and say anything. (Safechat phrases will not work). (To access Strange Dimension, stand on the area shown in the picture below, wear the Box Costume.)

Cross the Piano Bridge: Go to the Strange Dimension, walk across the Piano Bridge and back again without walking off of it. Make sure the keys turn blue as you walk or you will not finish the quest.

React to a Joke in the Sillyplace: Do an emote while someone is performing.

Medium Quests

Get Lost 5 Times: Walk in and out of the Gift Shop/Coffee Shop/Night Club 3 times. then go to the Lighthouse, and walk back out through the door as if you were going back to the Beach. Walk out through the Ski Lodge door to get back to the Lighthouse
Note: This quest currently seems unreliable. If the quest does not work, try coming back again later or repeating the steps.

Find The Jack in the Box: Go to the Boiler Room, wait one minute for the Jack in the Box to pop out.

Watch the Crab Say “April Fools”: Go to the Underground Pool, wait for the crab to appear in the windows and to hold up a sign.

Find the April Fool’s Pin: Go to the Recycling Plant and wait for the highlighted loading to fill up, collect the party pin by clicking “Yes” on the following pop-up.

Interact with All Whoopie Cushions: The whoopie cushions are located in Town, Snow Forts, and Plaza. Walk on and stop on every marked whoopie cushion.

Watch the Sunset: Go to the Desert Dimension, wait for the sun to set.
Watch the Sunrise: Also in the Desert Dimension, wait for the sun to rise.
(Portal to Desert Dimension shown in first picture)

Play Melodies With Stars: Click on the planets and stars in the order shown in the picture below. Note: You must complete the Party Pass/Box Hunt for the planets & stars to appear.

Become a Cuckoo-Bird: Go to the Strange Dimension, enter the clock on the left, wait there until the clock strikes 12:00

Buy All Dimension Catalog Items: Go the Box dimension and the 7 dimensions accessed via the boxes at the top left and bottom right and buy all of the items in all of the catalogs. The catalog button is marked in the bottom right. These items cost just around 18k coins in total.

Get 3 Reactions from Audience: Use the door on the left and wait for your turn to get to the platform on the right, then use J to tell jokes whilst on the platform.
Note: You need reactions from others in the room, you will need to disable hide penguins under visual settings.
Tell a Silly Joke: Use J to tell a joke whilst on the platform in the top right.

Watch the Box Fly Away: Go to the beach, click on the box located further toward the top of the screen.

Walk Over the Flowers: Go to the Strange Dimension, walk over all of the yellow flowers in the bottom right. The yellow flowers will convert to blue after walking them once, purple after walking over them twice, and then back to yellow after three times. You need them all to be blue or purple.
Find the Secret Closet: Also in the Strange Dimension, walk over to and click on the closet just to the right of the flowers in the bottom right

Find the Large Spoon: Go to the Candy Dimension, click on the spoon handle on the left side of the screen on top of the food stand. (Portal to the Candy Dimension shown in first picture)
Note: If you have completed the Party Pass/Box hunt; Congrats, you will already have this!

Visit All Dimensions: Visit all dimensions without logging off.

Hard Quests

Tell 10 Jokes: Tell 10 jokes while on the stage in the Sillyplace Dimension.

Have a Pizza Fight with 15 Penguins: Enter the Pizza parlor and throw snowballs with 15 penguins

Finish the Box Hunt: Follow our Party pass/Box Hunt guide here!

Have a Ice Cream Fight with 20 Penguins: Go to the Candy Dimension and throw snowballs with 19 other penguins. (Portal to the Candy Dimension is shown in first picture)

Travel Through Creamsoda: Go to the Creamsoda Dimension and finish the barrel maze. (Portal to the Creamsoda Dimension is shown in first picture)

Complete the Painting: Throw snowballs at the canvas in docks until it looks like this. (There are 3 paintings total you will paint, and then you will complete the quest.)

Visit All Party Rooms: Simply enter every decorated party room without logging off or disconnecting. The list of rooms is as following (The order of rooms you enter does not matter): All dimensions, beach, Lighthouse, Beacon, Ski Village, Lodge, Attic, Iceberg, Lakeside, Cove, Forest, Mine Shack, Recycling Room, Inside Mine, Pool, Boiler Room, Night Club, Town, Gift Shop, Coffee Shop, Snow Forts, Plaza, Pizza Parlor, Docks.

Find the Secret Message: Go to the Ski Village, click on the mountain left of the chimney on the the Ski Lodge.

Find All the Interactive Signs:
Go to the Beach and click the sign on the right.
Go to the Docks and clean the sign on the left and the side on the right.
Go to the Forest and click the sign on the left and the on the right.
Go to the Ski Village and click the sign in the bottom right and behind the tour guide desk. (Click the very left part of the sign or you will click the tour guide desk instead).
Pictures with signs marked below!

Have a Silly Dance Off with 15 Penguins: Go to the Nightclub and dance with 15 penguins.

Change the Landscape: Go to the beach, click on the top of the pole next to the lighthouse 4 times.

Extreme Quests

Fart In a Room with 25 Penguins: Use ET in a room with 25 penguins.
Note: Town is often a highly populated room and is most likely your best chance with this!

Meet Rookie: Be in the same room as CPL mascot Rookie! If you have not already, be sure to join our Discord Server for our mascot tracker!

Congratulations! After completing all quests you will be awarded with the Box Dimension Puffle and entry to the Box Shop in Ski Village!

And that’s all for the Quests guide! Hope you enjoyed the 2024 CPLegacy April Fool’s Party Quest guide! Be sure to checkout our Party/Party Pass guide here and to join our Discord server here for future CPLegacy and CPJourney guides here!

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