Heyy people! Its a brand new month and you know what that means! A brand new Penguin Style catalog has been released on CPJourney filled with lots of fun secrets to find! Don’t worry we got you covered! This guide will help you find all the amazing secrets in this July edition of Penguin Style!

– Page 3 –

6 total secrets on this page!

1. Click the blue penguins eyes for the interstellar makeup! [50 coins]

2. Click the blue penguins arm for the Headphones [500 coins]

3. Click the belt on the pink dress for The Spikester [500 coins]

4. Click the penguins hand for the MP3000 [350 coins]

5. Click the green button on the guitar for the Electric Green Guitar [300 coins]

6. Click the Penguins mouth for the Bubble Gum [100 coins]

– Page 4 –

6 total secrets on this page!

1. Click the yellow light for the Stardust Slippers [200 coins]

2. Click the yellow flower on the sparkly dress for The Spikette [500 coins]

3. Click the skeleton fish head for the Puffle Pirate Dress [350 coins]

4. Click the skeleton fishes tail for the Indigo Pompoms [100 coins]

5. Click the penguins right flipper for The Punktails [200 coins]

6. Click the sparkle on the blue suit for the Blue Stardust Slippers [200 coins]

– Page 5 –

2 total secrets on this page!

1. Click the teal penguins eye for the Icy Eyelashes [100 coins]

2.Click the teal penguins arm for The Flutterby [300 coins]

– Page 6 –

4 total secrets on this page!

1. Click the giant sparkle on the disco ball for the Kiwi Sneakers [200 coins]

2. Click the sparkle on the right for the Perky Punk Outfit [400 coins]

3. Click the sparkle on the left for the City Lights T-shirt [325 coins]

4. Click the right strap of the music note for the Cray On Hoodie [300 coins]

– Page 7 –

4 total secrets on this page!

1.Click the green and yellow stripes on the peach penguins hood for The Hip Hop [250 coins]

2. Click the white buttons on the pink guitar for the The Befluttered [350 coins]

3. Click the mouth of the pink penguin for the Beaded Necklace [300 coins]

4. Click the eyes of the blue penguin for The Disco [600 coins]

– Page 8 –

4 total secrets on this page!

1. Click the music note charm for the 14k Fish Necklace [110 coins]

2. Click the right cowboy boot for the Pink Cowgirl Boots [300 coins]

3. Click the Orange Star glasses for the Pink Microphone [250 coins]

4. Click the blue paint splatter on the blue penguins shirt for the Dubstep Puffle T-shirt [350 coins]

– Page 9 –

3 total secret on this page!

1. Click the letter E for The Fuchsia Fringe [250 coins]

2. Click the chair leg for the Glitter Microphone [250 coins]

3. Click the Raindrop Umbrellas handle for the Edgy Necklace [100 coins]

– Page 17 –

Here, you can get the Item of the Month: Frogsie [1500 coins]

You can also get a new Penguins at Work outfit: Cruise Captain Jacket [300 coins] and Cruise Captain Hat [150 coins]

– Page 18 –

1 total hidden item on this page!

1. Click on New for The Town [60 coins]

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And that’s it for now guys! Hope this guide was helpful for you and that you found all the secrets in July’s Penguin Style! If you want to stay up to date on all the latest Club Penguin Journey News join our discord server here!!

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