Legends Cup is back and so is the RNM Contest Team!! For this Legends Cup themed contest, The RNM Contest Team is asking YOU to design your very own version of an RPF Medal, which could possibly be our little (hopefully) winning Legends Cup medal!!

Legends Cup is where we all come together and work for the winning trophy!! Let’s see what you rebels can do with this designing contest!! For this contest, you can showcase your editing, drawing, and decorating skills!!

Once you are finished decorating your medal, direct message (DM) any member of the Contest Team with your completed medal! You can see the list of all our Contest Team members by typing .inrole Contests in the #bots channel. Submissions will be judged based on how creative and original your medal is. Good luck rebels and hopefully you enjoy this fun contest!

All winners will receive a Rebel Cash prize,and the1st place winner will receive an exclusive role along with the Rebel Cash prize!!

Contest Rules

– Only one submission per person.

– Everyonemust use the image includedin this post.

– All submissions must follow RPF #rules

– You are not allowed to post your submission in the #art channel, until after the submission deadline.

Submissions close on July 21st!

Have fun decorating!!If you have any questions or concerns, direct messageany member of the Contests Team.Good luck and have fun!

Tulip | Major General

-RNM ContestTeam-


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