Heyy rebels! CPJourney has just released a new Snow and Sports catalog for the new sports season! The club penguin news team has got you covered on all the new secrets and goodies this catalog has to offer! ⚽

– Page 1 – 

This page has a total of 3 secrets! 

1. Click the CP emblem in the middle of the red jersey for the Blue Soccer Jersey [600 coins]

2. Click the CP emblem on the soccer shorts for Green Soccer Jersey [600 coins]

3. Click the CP emblem on the Goalie Jersey for the Yellow Soccer Jersey [600 coins]

– Page 2 – 

This page has 2 total secrets!

1. Click on the pink penguins eye for the White Diva Sunglasses [225 coins]

2. Click the pink penguins whistle for the Football Helmet [360 coins]

– Page 3 – 

This page has 4 total secrets!

1. Click on the left camera flash for the Yellow Cheerleader Outfit! [350 coins]

2. Click on the middle camera flash for the Yellow Pompoms [120 coins]

3. Click on the brown penguins hand for the Red Pompoms [120 coins]

4. Click on the blue penguins hand for the Green Pompoms [120 coins]

5. Click the yellow penguins hand for the blue Pompoms [120 coins]

6. Click the penguin in the crowd for the yellow face paint! [15 coins]

Make sure to check out our 2024 June Penguin Style Catalog guide here!

Aaand that’s all for now! Hopefully this guide helped you find all the amazing little secrets in this brand new catalog! If you would like to keep up to date with all the latest club penguin news, make sure to join our server here

Ellie | Lieutenant General




  1. CORRECTION* Yellow Cheerleader Outfit is 350 coins, not 150

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