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Summer has kicked in full blaze on CPL with the newest June Penguin Style Catalog coming to the island. From mountain expeditions to ground excavations to daring cave explorations, the Club Penguin News Team has got you covered in all the latest adventurous gear. Without further a do, let’s jump into action!

-Page 2-

There are 8 secrets on this page.

1. Click on the bag’s buckle to buy the Explorer’s Bag for 200 coins.

2. Click on brown penguin’s left hand to buy the Junior Explorer Hat for 100 coins.

3. Click on the right strap to buy the Junior Explorer Outfit for 300 coins.

4. Click on the blue penguin’s left hand to buy the Outback Traveler Outfit for 300 coins.

5. Click on the middle circle of the orange helmet to buy The Archaeologist for 250 coins.

6. Click on the 5th button of the blue coat to buy an O’Berry Necklace for 100 coins.

7. Click on the spikes of the red mountain boots to buy a pair of Black Hiking Boots for 250 coins.

8. Click on the cap of the orange bottle to a Wrist Wrap for 50 coins.

-Page 3-

There are 4 secrets on this page.

9. Click on the handle of the shovel to buy the Archaeologist Outfit for 500 coins.

10. Click on the small rock to buy the Dig Team Gear for 500 coins.

11. Click on the shoulder strap of the bag to buy a Red Turtleneck for 440 coins.

12. Click on the bottom right of the girl penguin’s dark green turtleneck to buy a Green Turtleneck for 440 coins.

-Page 4-

There are 6 secrets on this page.

13. Click on the pink penguin’s left hand to buy Heavy Duty Boots for 250 coins.

14. Click on the pink penguin’s bun knot to buy The Gretel for 250 coins.

15. Click on the first brown strap on the blue jacket to buy the Blue Off The Shoulder for 350 coins.

16. Click on the top of the green penguin’s hair to buy The Dude for 250 coins.

17. Click on the blue patch of the black jacket to buy the Camo Hoodie for 350 coins.

18. Click on the left pocket of the brown bag to buy Dog Tags for 100 coins.

-Page 5-

There is 1 secret on this page.

19. Click on the treetop on the right to buy a Tree Costume for 600 coins.

-Page 9-

You can buy the new Item of the Month: Red Duck for 750 coins and Red Water Wings for 250 coin.

You can also buy the new Penguins at Work outfit: Yellow Hard Hat for 50 coins and Safety Vest for 200 coins.

-Page 13-

The Pride Flag pins have been permanently added to the Flags section in the catalog!

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And that is all there is for this new edition! We hope this guide was helpful in picking out the best adventure garbs for your summer activities! If you want to keep up with all the latest catalogs and parties on CPL, be sure to join our Discord server through the link right here!

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