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CPJ has officially kicked off the summer season by revamping the island with a fresh new summer look! From waterslides, snow castles to a brand new custom puffle, the Club Penguin News Team has got you covered with all the latest goodies and fun stuff that is in store for you!

Summer Kick-off Party Catalog

When you first log on, there is a Party Catalog waiting for you to buy exclusive new summer items to gear up in. Just click on the top right icon on your screen to access it!

Free Items

There are also a few free items that you can collect during this party! First, head on over to Cove to get a free Inflatable Duck.

You can also earn a stamp using this. Simply put on ONLY the rubber duck and press D in the water to earn the Go Swimming stamp!

There is also a free Shell Necklace that you can collect at the Beach!

Custom Puffle

For this party, the CPJ Team has released a brand new custom puffle that you can adopt! Head on over to Ice Pond (behind Ski Lodge) and click on one of them to adopt a cute froggy puffle!!

Mascot Visit

Lastly, Jet Pack Guy is scheduled to make quite a few visits during the Summer Kick-off Party with a new custom background. Be sure to visit our mascot tracking page to get more information about our mascot tracker and the times JPG will be visiting the island!

Don’t forget to check out our latest CPJ Snow and Sports Catalog guide!

And that’s all we have for you folks! Hope this guide was helpful in finding all the cool new items and activities you can do during this cool party. If you would like to keep up to date with all the latest club penguin news on both CPPSes, consider joining our Discord server right here!

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