Hello everyone and Happy April Fool’s Day! The Club Penguin News Team is back with yet another party guide and, in this one, we’re telling you everything that you need to know about how to complete the Club Penguin Legacy April Fool’s Day Party Pass! Be sure to keep reading for tips and tricks, as well as how you can receive an iconic costume at the very end. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

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Party Pass

First things first – you’ll want to head to the Snow Forts and into the Box Dimension. This is where the Party Pass steps will take place.

Once inside of the Box Dimension, we can begin the Party Pass. This is a series of steps that lead to a special costume at the very end, also known as the Box Hunt.

Now, the first step is quite simple. You’ll want to click on the cardboard square that’s located directly in the center of the dimensions. By doing this, you’ll have completed one space in your Party Pass items paper, which will pop up every time you retrieve an item.

Next, you’ll want to head into the Cream Soda Dimension.

You’ll be greeted with a series of barrels, which you will need to walk through in order to reach the top right of your screen. Please note that all mazes are completely randomized, so just play around with the barrels until you reach the area.

Once there, walk on top of the pressure plate and watch the cage lift up and allow you to retrieve your second item. Click it and your paper will pop up once again.

Next, let’s head into the Silly Place Dimension.

Simply head over to the very right of your screen and click on the cardboard piece that’s seated on top of the stool.

Next, let’s head into the Doodle Dimension.

Click the pencil at the very bottom of your screen, just above the chat bar, and watch it doodle on the sticky note at the top right. It will sketch your fourth cardboard piece.

Now that we’ve completed all of the left-hand side dimensions, let’s head over to the right.

To start us off strong, let’s check out the Desert Dimension.

Simply click on the cardboard piece located just under and next to the moon.

Next, let’s head to the Stair Dimension.

Spoiler: Hold on tight because we’re headed upside down!

Once in the room, simply click on the slightly different colored tile in the floor.

Next, let’s head to the stunning Space Dimension.

Here, you’ll want to click the stars in the sky in order from the bottom left, to the top left, across to the top right, then to the bottom right. They will form a stapler that you can retrieve for your paper.

Last but certainly not least, let’s head to the Candy Dimension.

Fair Warning: This room has complete potential to make you crave something sweet!

Once there, click on the grey-colored spoon behind the candy stand. It will lift up and hold out your final cardboard piece.

Dimension Catalogs 

If you take a look at the bottom right-hand side of your screen once you enter these dimensions, you’ll notice that each have their own catalogs. Although there are no secrets in these catalogs, there are still some pretty cool items up for grabs so be sure to check them out and possibly purchase some!

Cream Soda Dimension 

Silly Place Dimension

Doodle Dimension 

Desert Dimension 

Stair Dimension 

Space Dimension 

Candy Dimension 

Free Items and Rewards 

Amazing job collecting all of the pieces, Rebels! It’s finally time to collect our reward: the iconic Box Costume!

The next reward you can get is the Purple Propeller Hat! You can obtain this by going to the Docks and throwing snowballs at the canvas until you see the painting pictured below.

Don’t forget to stop by the Plaza to collect the free Blue Propeller Cap!

Visit the Strange Dimension and click on the locker in the bottom right corner for the Delivery Hat and Delivery Outfit!

Lastly. head to the Recycling Plant, and wait around 2 minutes to get the Loader pin!

Party Stamps

Explorer – Currently Unavailable
Party Puzzle – Complete the star puzzle to get the stapler outline at the Space Dimension.
Target Champion – Throw 50 snowballs at the canvas at the Docks.
Scavenger Hunt – Complete the Box Hunt (Party Pass).
Path Finder – Complete the maze in the Cream Soda Dimension.

And that will be it for the April Fool’s Day party guide! We hope you enjoyed exploring the dimensions with us and that this guide was super helpful to you! Be sure to join our Discord Server if you’d like to see more guides like this in the future. Thank you for coming along with us and best of luck with the rest of the party! <3

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