The first-ever CPLegacy April Fools party is here, and filled with different activities to keep you busy for the duration of it! Keep reading for a guide on how to complete each quest and check out this post for information pertaining to the Box Hunt and other party details.

Easy Quests

Interact with Box’s Cradle: Go to the Beacon and hover your mouse over the cardboard envelopes.

Have trees do “Gnarly Waves”: Head to the Cove and click the Gnarly Waves sign.
Cannonball with the Box: Hover over the diving board box on the right.
Look out with the Binoculars: Click the binoculars hanging from the lifeguard chair.

Throw Paint at the Dock: Throw a snowball to the blank canvas found at Docks. (If the paint splatters aren’t showing up, enable the “Hide Penguins” mode.)

Go to April Fools Community Event: Attend any April Fools Community Event. You can find the times for these by clicking on the bulletin board found at the Lakeside.

Enter the Unknown: Go to the Box Dimension via the Snow Forts.

Play a game of silly Sled Racing: Play on any Sled Racing track at the Ski Hill.

Play a game of silly Find Four: Go to the Ski Lodge and play a round of Find Four.

Sit on the Throne: Go to the Silly Place and sit on the throne.

React to a Joke in the Silly Place: Do an emote while someone is performing.

Say “HELLO” from Above: Climb up to one of the Coffee Shop or Gift Shop windows (might take a few tries) and type out “hello” (press H won’t work).

Pet the Box Dragon: At the Forest, click the dragon’s head to pet it.

Go Upside Down: Visit the Stair Dimension.

Become a Doodle: Go to the Doodle Dimension.

Talk to the Stone Head: Go into the Strange Dimension, stand on the Stone Head’s mouth, and say anything (Safechat phrases will not work).

Cross the Piano Bridge: At the Silly Dimension, cross the piano bridge back and forth (without getting off of it!). Make sure that every tile is turning blue while you do so or the quest will not work.

Medium Quests

Get Lost 5 Times: Walk in and out of the Gift Shop/Coffee Shop/Night Club 3 times. then go to the Lighthouse, and walk back out through the door as if you were going back to the Beach. Walk out through the Ski Lodge door to get back to the Lighthouse.

Find the Jack in the Box: Go to the Boiler Room and wait 1 minute for the Jack-in-the-Box to pop out.

Watch the Crab say “April Fools”: At the Underground Pool, wait until you see the crab appear through one of the windows.

Find the April Fools Pin: Go to the Recycling Plant and wait approximately 2 minutes to get the Loader pin.

Interact with all Whoopie Cushions: Stand in all individual whoopie cushions found at the Town, Snow Forts, and Plaza.

Watch the Sunset: Go to the Desert Dimension and wait until it becomes nighttime.

Watch the Sunrise: In the Desert Dimension, wait until it becomes daytime again.

Play Melodies with Stars: Head to the Space Dimension and click the planets and stars in the order pictured below. You need to have completed the Box Hunt before doing this quest, or else the planets will not show up.

Become a Cuckoo-Bird: In the Strange Dimension, enter the clock doors and wait for the clock to strike 12:00.

Buy Item from Box Dimension: Buy an item from any of the different dimensions’ catalogs.

Draw a Masterpiece: Visit the Doodle Dimension and click on the pencil at the bottom of the screen to draw on the sticky note.

Get 3 Reactions from Audience: At the Silly Place, tell a joke and have 3 people react with an emoji.

Watch the Box fly away: Head to the Beach, click the box, and watch it fly away.

Walk over Flowers: At the Strange Dimension, walk over the entire garden of flowers and make sure that all of them turn either pink or blue.
Find the Secret Closet: 
Click the locker next to the flower patch. Do not forget to collect the free Delivery Hat and Outfit!

Find the Large Spoon: In the Candy Dimension, click the spoon hidden behind the ice cream stand.

Visit All Dimensions: Visit all dimensions in one session (without logging off).

Hard Quests

Tell 10 Jokes: Press J 10 times at the Silly Place.
Tell a Silly Joke: In the Silly Place, go up the stairs on the left and wait for your turn. Press J once on stage to tell a joke.

Have a Pizza Fight with 15 Penguins: Throw snowballs at the Pizza Parlor with 15 other penguins.

Finish the Box Hunt: Complete the Party Pass. Click here for a guide.

Have an Ice Cream Fight with 20 Penguins: In the Candy Dimension, throw snowballs alongside 20 penguins.

Travel through Creamsoda: Finish the maze in the Cream Soda Dimension.

Complete the Painting: Throw snowballs at the canvas located in Docks until you see the painting with the treasure box (there are 3 paintings total that you need to go through). Don’t forget to collect the Purple Propeller Hat!

Find the Secret Message: Go to the Ski Village and click on the mountain to the left of the Ski Lodge’s chimney.

Find All the Interactive Signs: Click all the signs with balloons found at the Beach, Docks, Ski Village, and Forest.

Have A Silly Dance Off with 15 Penguins: Dance alongside 15 other penguins in the Night Club.

Change The Landscape: Click anywhere in the sky multiple times to sort through all the backdrops.

Visit all Party Rooms: Visit all the Dimensions plus decorated party rooms:

Lakeside, Plaza, Pizza Parlor, Forest, Cove, Mine Shack, Recycling Plant, Inside Mine, Underground Pool, Boiler Room, Night Club, Arcade, Town, Gift Shop, Coffee Shop, Book Room, Docks, Beach, Lighthouse, Beacon, Ski Village, Ski Lodge, Lodge Attic, Dojo Courtyard, Dojo, Iceberg, Snow Forts.

Extreme Quests

Fart in a room with 25 Penguins: Go to a popular room (Town should work) with at least 25 people and press E+T on your keyboard.

Meet Rookie: Log on while Rookie is online and meet him. Join our Discord server here to get a notification when he logs on and enjoy live tracking!


Complete all the quests to earn the Silly Hat and access to the Box Store (accessed through the Ski Village)!

Bonus “quest”: Throw snowballs at the blank paper to paint a picture and get access to the Starry Night Painting!

That’s it for this lengthy guide! Unavailable quests are not listed; this post will be updated accordingly as the missing rooms are added and more quests are unlocked. Be sure to join our Discord server to stay in the loop!

– Moon, Second in Command
– Princhi, Second in Command

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