The Club Penguin News Team is back again with new additions of the Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades catalogues! This guide is going to show off all of the new items that came with these catalogues for December 2022, as well as all of the secret cheats hiding inside of them!

Better Igloos

Page 1

There are 5 secrets hidden on this page.

Click on the Santa Hat Snowman’s bell to get the Stocking [200 coins].

Click on the Top Hat Snowman’s holly for the Snowflake [50 coins].

Click on the Orange Scarf Snowman’s scarf for the Holiday Bells [100 coins].

Click on the Gingerbread Man’s bowtie for the Holiday Lights [30 coins].

Click on the squiggle on the Gingerbread Couch for the Candle [120 coins].

Page 2

There are 4 secrets hidden on this page.

Click on the Large Christmas Tree’s base for the Presents [400 coins]. Click on the Door Garland’s left bow for the Stockings [50 coins].

Click on the Leaning Tree’s ornament for the Jujubes [50 coins].

Click on the Toy Train’s chimney for the Gumdrop Tree [120 coins].

Page 3

There are 3 secrets hidden on this page.

Click on the Candy Cane’s lantern for the Fireplace [900 coins].

Click on the Wooden Reindeer’s bowtie for the Giant Candy Cane [100 coins].

Click on the Candy Fence’s left candy cane for the Wrought Iron Lamp Post [600 coins].

Igloo Upgrades

Page 1

There is 1 hidden item on this page.

Click on the pile of snow in the Snowglobe for the Split Level Snow Igloo [4,600 coins].

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