Hey, Rebels! With the Mission: Get Jet Party coming to an end comes time for the brand new Holiday Party to make its way to the island! Continue reading to see all of the new things that have been added for this holiday season!

New Events

Charity Concerts

Click on the calendar in the top right corner of the screen in any room to learn about the charity concerts coming to the island!

From there, you can watch concerts performed on the Iceberg from 10AM – 6PM EST daily! You can earn coins by watching these concerts.

Change For Coins

Click on the coin icon in the top right corner of the screen in any room to learn about Change For Coins.

Coins For Change is back this year, but with the new name “Change For Coins”. This year, donations will be going towards the Coral Reef Alliance! Every $1 USD donated will be converted to 50 coins. These coins will be given to players who donate, as well as everyone who logged on during the party on January 09, 2023. You can donate by clicking the “Donate Now!” button.

Players who donate to the campaign will receive in-game items able to be seen from the “View Rewards” button. These rewards include the Save The Environment Igloo and the 2022 Change For Coins Pin.

Be sure to also collect the free Protect The Earth T-Shirt on this page!

Be sure to also click the Change For Coins sign at the beach to collect prizes for reaching community goals!

Ask Santa

Click the present in the top right corner of the screen in any room to learn about Ask Santa.

Once doing so, click on the “Click to Ask Santa” button to be redirected to the forum you can fill out to ask Santa what items you want!

Ask Santa will be available every 2 days from 2PM – 3PM EST until the party is over. Be sure to ask Santa which items you want!

New Rooms

The Big Tree

Follow the arrow pointing down in the Town or Plaza to be directed to the Big Tree Room!

Following this path directs you to the brand new Big Tree Room!

The Bakery & Staff Only Room

From the Workshop (Night Club Upstairs), click on either door to get access to the new Bakery and Staff Only Room!

Party Minigame

Santa Sled

From the Town or Plaza, click on the “Santa Sled!” sign to be brought to Santa’s Sleigh! You can also access this room from the second floor of the Night Club.

From here, enter the room with the “Win A Prize!” sign.

To get the sleigh to move, press the “FLY” button.

When the toys sack goes over a chimney, press the red button to drop a present.

Drop 20 presents into the chimneys to earn a special prize!

Press the “Get Item” button to receive the Toy Sack after delivering 20 presents.

Additional New Items

Candy Cane Hat

A special letter has been delivered to your penguin! Click on the envelope in the top left corner of the screen in any room.

Click on the spot that says “Click to Open” on the gift tag.

Open the letter and click the “Get Gift” button to receive the Candy Cane Hat.

Santa Seat Background

From the Town, head into the Coffee Shop and go upstairs!

Once upstairs, sit on Santa’s chair and click on the camera to receive the Santa Seat Background.

Cookie Serving Apron

Head into the Staff Only Room of the Bakery accessible from the second floor of the Night Club.

Click on the rack underneath the “Get Your Uniform” sign to receive the Cookie Serving Apron.

Deluxe Gingerbread House Igloo

From the Staff Only Room of the Bakery, click on the oven in the top right corner.

Click on the gingerbread house to receive the Deluxe Gingerbread House Igloo.

Rockhopper’s Rare Items

Head to the Beach to climb aboard The Migrator!

Once aboard, head down into the store and click the paper in the bottom right corner to access Rockhopper’s Rare Items.

Be sure to collect the free Stuffed Parrot on this page!

Advent Calendar

While technically not new in this party, new free items are made available in the Advent Calendar every day throughout December! You can find this massive Advent Calendar in the Forest. If you have not yet done so, be sure to collect the items from previous days, and keep an eye out daily for new items to come.

Click here to check out the December 2022 Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades Guide!

We hope you enjoyed this party guide! To see more guides like this, and to be kept in the loop for all new things coming to Club Penguin Legacy, be sure to join our Discord server by clicking here!

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