Hey there Rebels! The Club Penguin News Team is back with another Penguin Style Secrets! June’s issue is jam packed full of secrets so be sure to read on to see what this month’s catalog brings us!

~Page 1~

There are a total of 4 secrets

1) The green penguin’s hand hides a wetsuit

2) The green penguin’s flipper has orange water wings

3) The lime penguin’s flipper has blue water wings

4) The yellow checked shirt hides a purple wetsuit

~Page 2~

There are a total of 4 secrets

5) The red penguin’s hair hides The Firestriker

6) The red penguin’s sunglasses reveal red sunglasses

7) The smaller green penguin’s flipper hides green sunglasses

8) The green penguin’s swim shorts have blue shorts

~Page 3~

There are a total of 4 secrets

9) The coral penguin’s hand has the Fishing Vest

10) The coral penguin’s flower has the Fishing Hat

11) The red penguin’s eyes reveal swim goggles

12) The red penguin’s zipper hides a life jacket

~Page 4~

There are a total of 4 secrets

13) The smaller brown penguin’s eyes reveal gold sunglasses

14) The brown penguin’s watch have Street Surf Shorts

15) The smaller pink penguin’s dress has a sports bikini

16) The pink penguin’s dress hides the Lemon Lime Stripe Bikini

~Page 5~

There are a total of 4 secrets

17) The ice cream hides a green Hawaiian shirt

18) The yellow penguins waistband reveals green Hawaiian shorts

19) The lime penguin’s sarong reveals a different coloured sarong

20) The pink flower has pink sandals

~Page 6~

There are a total of 4 secrets

21) The scuba tank hides a different coloured scuba tank

22) The belt of the scuba tank has a yellow inflatable duck

23) The lid of the waterbottle reveals a blue inflatable duck

24) They yellow penguin’s sandal hides a green inflatable duck

~Items of the Month~

June’s items of the months are Pride themed! Be sure to buy them before they’re gone!

~Outfit of the Month~

This month’s outfit of the month is the sea snail!

25) The snail’s eye hides the Loch Ness Costume

~Penguins at Work~

This June, the penguins of Club Penguin Legacy can try out being a lifeguard!

Press here for the April/May Penguin Style secrets!

We hope you enjoyed all of this months secrets! To be alerted to whenever we have new secret and party guides for Club Penguin Legacy, be sure to join our Discord server here!

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