Club Penguin Legacy: March 2024 Penguin Style Catalog Secrets

Hey rebels!!

It’s that time again! Club Penguin Legacy has just released their brand new March Penguin Style Catalog filled with new secrets to uncover! With the help of the Club Penguin News Team we will help you find the news secret items in this amazing catalog!

– Page 2 –

There are 6 secrets on this page.

1 Click the bunnies left ear for the Pink Quilted Coat [550 coins]

2 Click on the blue bow for the Blue CP Hoodie Outfit [450 coins]

3 Click the egg in the bushes for the Strawberry Bunny Costume [1000 coins]

4 Click the pink bow for the Flower Hat [75 coins]

5 Click the yellow penguins left arm for the Purple Stuffed Bunny [1000 coins]

6 Click the flower on the mint dress for the Flower Basket[100 coins]

Page 3:

There are 8 secrets on this page.

7  Click the small green penguins black vest for the Green Lei [1000 coins]

8 Click the green penguins coat tail for the Emerald Kilt [500 coins]

9 Click the shamrock on the green hat for The Highlander [500 coins]

10 Click the small peach penguins green dress for the Cozy Green Scarf [1000 coins]

11 Click the end of the orange hair for The Curly Lochs [500 coins]

12 Click the green shamrock dress for the Shamrock Skirt  [500 coins]

13 Click the top of the leprechaun hat for the Green Plaid Flannel  [1000 coins]

14 Click the dark Green Bowtie for the Green Necktie [150 coins]

Page 4

There are 8 secrets on this page.

15 Click the ball of the jester hat for the Salami Sun Hat [250 coins]

16 Click the brown penguins foot for the Orange Puffle Stuffle [600 coins]

17 Click the green penguins right arm for the Cream Pie [100 coins]

18 Click the cookie in the oranges puffles mouth for the Orange Propeller Cap [1000 coins]

19 Click the green penguins beak for the Red Nose [0 coins]

20 Click the green of the clown wig for the Donut Conqueror [250 coins]

Page 9 

On this page you can find the item of the month: Green Duffle Coat [1200 coins].

You can also get a new Penguins at Work outfit: Straw Hat [200 coins], Overalls [450 coins], and Rake [300 coins].

Check out the February 2024 Penguin Style by clicking here.

And that’s it for now! Hope this guide helped you find all the fabulous new items! If you like to keep in loop of everything happening in CPLegacy, such as parties, mascot tracking, community events and even more catalog guides, make sure to check out our discord server!

Ellie | Lieutenant General

Master DS | General 



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