St. Patrick’s Day Party

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Rebels! The Club Penguin News Team is back with yet another party guide, and this time we’re recapping the Club Penguin Legacy St. Patrick’s Day party! Be sure to keep reading for hidden items, tips and tricks, and things you must do to complete this party. Without further ado, let’s get into it! 


Just like previous parties that happened this year, there are quests/tasks that must be completed. If you complete all 12 of them, you will receive a special item that will be shown at the end of this guide.

For Task #1, you’ll want to retrieve the Pot O’ Gold pin. Directions to collect it can be found here in our pin tracker. 

For Task #2, you’ll want to head to the exclusive Leprechaun’s House which can be found in the forest. Note that Task #5 will be completed by doing this step alone.

Once inside, head to the instrument box at the bottom left-hand side of your screen. By clicking on it, you’ll be able to collect the free Accordion item. 

For Task #3, head to the Mine Shack. On the top of your screen, you’ll see a stunning double rainbow. Simply click on it and the task should be completed. 

For Task #4, head back to the Forest. Click on the two sets of mushrooms to help them sprout and grow.

For Task #6, head back inside of the Leprechaun’s House and back out to the forest a couple of times. The mailbox flag should stand and, when clicked on, mail will appear inside of the mailbox. Click on it and collect your leprechaun mail! Note that the mailbox flag won’t budge unless you head back in and out of the house.

For Task #7, stay in the forest and click on the big light green leaf behind the “LEPRECHAUNS WELCOME” sign. 

Simply click on the Pot of Gold when the leaf disappears to complete the task.

For Task #8, head back inside of the Leprechaun’s House. Head over to the drum on the second level and click it a total of 25 times. Note that you must click it 25 times, otherwise you will not complete the task. 

For Task #9, head to the table on the bottom right of your screen. Click on the pastel blue vase and free the rainbow from inside of it. 

For now, we are going to skip Task #10 and head straight to Task #11.

For Task #11, head to the Ski Village. Upon arrival, you will see a majestic Wishing Well. Head over to it and mimic the emote(s) that it makes.

For Task #12, head to the Night Club and start dancing. As long as there are 25 other penguins dancing with you, unlike in the photo below, you’ll receive the completed task.

Clover Hunt 

As you can see in the Quest List, the 10th Task is a Clover Hunt. Around the island, there are a total of 12 hidden clovers. Follow along with these photos to retrieve them and complete Task #10! 

Location 1: Town 

Location 2: Coffee Shop 

Location 3: Night Club 

Location 4: Snow Forts 

Location 5: Plaza 

Location 6: Lakeside 

Location 7: Forest 

Location 8: Mine Shack 

Location 9: Underwater Room

Location 10: Ski Village 

Location 11: Ski Hill 

Location 12: Docks 

Quest Completion Reward

For finishing the Quest List, you will be rewarded with a Pot O’Gold hand item. Enjoy your special gift!

Free Hidden Item

Head back to the Coffee Shop and click on the Pot of Shamrock Hats. 

And that will conclude the St. Patrick’s Day Party guide. Thank you all so much for coming along with us – we hope this guide was helpful to you! Be sure to join our Discord if you’d like to see more party guides like this in the future! We wish you all a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day! <3

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