The Extreme Sled Race

Hey there, Rebels! Club Penguin Legacy is back with a brand-new party, and as always, the Club Penguin News team has you covered with everything you need to know about how to complete it – as well as a few tips along the way. We hope you enjoy and let’s get started!

New Stamps

Snowboarder – Wear only the Electric Pink Snowboard, the Tundra Board or the Blast-Off Board, and press D to dance.

Mountaineer – Reach the Mountain Top.

Party Puzzle – Solve the puzzle at the Mountain. Step by step process explained with pictures below.

Snack Shack – Equip the Fish Dog Vendor Cap and Pouch, stand by a Fish Dog stand and serve some food by doing the pizza emote! Fish Stands can be found at Base Camp and Mountain Top.

Quests Extraordinaire – Complete all the tasks on the list.


This party comes with a unique set of 12 quests. By completing them, you can earn up to 5 stamps that are only available for the duration of the event, coins, as well as an exclusive Arctic Tame Fox item.

 First, you’ll want to head to the Ski Village. This is where the entrance to the actual party is located. On the bottom right-hand side of your screen, you’ll see a video camera in front of a podium. Click the red button on the camera, and you’ll see a little exclamation point pop up. Any time this happens, it means you’ve completed a task, which you can see a full list of by clicking the exclamation point icon on the right-hand side of your screen.

Next, head through the entrance. It’s time to explore!

Once you get into the first room, also known as the Supply Camp, a brown paper will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen. This is the catalog for this party, and buying all of the items counts as a task, so be sure to collect them all.

Next, head to the second room, also known as the Ice Race Cavern.

Similar to the last mountain party, we are met with the icicles blocking our path. You’ll need to click on them, but feel free to do it in any order this time. Once cleared, be on your way to the next level.

We have now reached the Base Camp. In this room, you’ll need to start a fire. Please note that you must be near the firepit for it to light. Click on the logs and they should burst into flames.

Alongside the firepit, be sure to put your Fish Dog Vendor Cap and Pouch on and serve some fish dogs by standing near the cart and doing the pizza emote (E+Z). Note that in order to get the stamp and complete the task on your list there need to be 5 penguins or more around you.

If you don’t have the apron and cap, grab them by entering the code LOTSOFISH on the server list screen when you first log onto the game.

Now, you’re ready to head to the second to last room. Onward we go!

This room is called the Mountain. Here, you’ll find a Secret Passage and need to complete a couple of steps in order to move on to the top level.

In order to find the secret room, head to the bottom right corner of your screen and click on the ice block that’s blocking the entryway.

To get to the next and final level, follow these steps. If done in correct order, the tree stump that is sticking out of the ground will go flying then fall and make like a bridge so that you can walk across.

Steps 2-5 require that you click multiple times on each prop. 

Before sledding off the mountain, make sure to click the Sled Tubes 25 times to complete another quest!

Now you’re ready for some sled races! Get first place once to complete the final Quest .Best of luck, rebels!

Free Items

At the Mountain Top, be sure to grab the free and oh-so-cool Alpine Helmet and the Sled Tube pin!

And that will be the end of The Extreme Sled Race guide. Thank you so much for coming along with us – we hope this guide was helpful to you! Be sure to join our Discord for live tracking of Aunt Artic. Happy sledding, friends! <33

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