Club Penguin Legacy Underwater Expedition – March 2024

Hey rebels!

The underwater expedition has now arrived on CPLegacy, and the Club Penguin News Team is back again with another fin-tastic guide with all the latest secrets and new items in this party!

– Free items – 

With new parties comes free items! First free item is the Heavy Hat!

The second free item is  the Cleaned up dock background you can get by cleaning up the docks!

and the third free item is the Submarine suit you can get by completing the underwater maze!

– Party Quests –

It wouldn’t be a CPL party without some fun quests!! Complete all 8 of them for a cool prize at the end! 

Easy Quests are worth 50 coins!

Medium Quests are worth 100 coins!

Hard quests are worth 150 coins!

Extreme Quests are worth 350 coins!

  1. Clean up the dock! Click the items under the water to pick them up and put them in the recycling box! By doing this you can win a free background as mentioned above! 

2. Find the anvil pin! You can check out our Pin Tracker here

3. Serve food at the coconut by going to the ski village and doing a food emote! 

       4. Claim all 3 of the free items! Get the heavy hat,  background, and submarine suit as explained above!

5. Join 20 submarines in the deep: Wear the Submarine suit with 19 other penguins to complete this task! 

6. Complete the maze! Head to the beach and enter through the door! After completing the maze you will get the submarine suit as mentioned above! 

7. Meet rookie: Be in the same room as rookie when he visits the island! Make sure to go into the room he is in, not him going into the room you’re in! 

8. Meet Klutzy: Be in the same room as Klutzy when he visits the island! Make sure to go into the room he is in, not him going into the room you’re in! 

Congrats! After completing all the quests, you can get a very cute inky squid hug item!!

– Maze –

Wow aMAZEing it’s a maze!! Complete the maze to get a really cool prize! Below is a guide with pics on how to complete the maze!

1. Step one is to walk to the left and then straight up!

2. Then walk to the left again!

3.Then walk up to the left and straight down!

4. Next head straight down and then walk straight up!

5. Now head to the right

6. Now walk straight up to the right and then down!

7. Now walk up and to the right!

8.  Now head down and to the right!

9. Now head up the path on the right!

10. Now walk to the left!

11. Now walk to the left and straight up!

CONGRATS! You have completed the maze and the quest! 🎉

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That’s all for now! Hope this guide helps you float your way through the party! If you’d like to keep up with more Club Penguin Legacy News, be sure to join our discord server here!

Ellie | Lieutenant General 



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