Club Penguin Rewritten April 2020 Easter Egg Hunt

The CPR Easter Egg hunt has arrived, so here we’re gonna run down every egg location, and the items you can get! Read on for more info.

First things first, there is a new icon on the screen. Once you open it up, you can see all the eggs you’ve collected and a clue for the next egg.

Lets get started!

Egg 1: Pizza Parlour

Egg 2: Lighthouse

Egg 3: Book Room

Egg 4: Dojo

This egg will flash around the room in 3 locations. Above the door, and on the left/right walls. Be quick!

Egg 5: Plaza

Egg 6: Cove

Egg 7: Town

Once you’ve collected all the eggs, you can click “Claim Prize” and receive your Green Bunny Ears!

Happy hunting!

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