Here is the April 2020 Igloo Catalog! There are some vibrant secrets in this catalog that will add flamboyant flavor to your igloo! Continue reading to find out more.

– Page 1 –

This page has 3 secrets!

  1. On the right knob of the Blue Pastel Curtain you can find a Teddy Bear.

2. On the yellow shelf of the Pastel Bookcase you can find a Pink Sofa.

3. On the rail, to the left of the 5th picket of the Picket Fence you can find a Pink Chair.

– Page 2 –

There are also 3 secrets here!

1. On the flower located at the very top right of the Flower Planter you can find a Picket Fence.

2. On the stem of the Small House Plant you will find a Palm Tree.

3. On the carrot in the middle of the Garden, you will find a bird bath.

– Page 3 –

There are only 2 secrets here!

1. On the “E” of  “THEMED” you will find a LCD Television.

2. On the right golden knob of the velvet rope you will find a Big Screen TV!

These are all the secrets of the April 2020 Igloo Catalog!

IcyMammi, Head General

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