Club Penguin Rewritten April 2020 Penguin Style Catalog Secrets

A new month, a new catalog!

Penguin Style

April 2020

Penguin Style: April 2020 is now out in the Gift Shop! Check out this post for all the new hidden items in this month’s issue!

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Now, let’s begin!


There are 7 hidden items on this page!

1. Click on the mountain top for the Cocoa Bunny Outfit for 550 coins.

2. Click on the hat buckle for Cocoa Bunny Ears for 200 coins.

3. Click on the Daisy Zipper Hoodie’s zipper for the Green Hard Hat for 50 coins.

4. Click on the small background trees for the Floppy Hat for 300 coins.

5. Click on The Shenanigan’s hat button for the Viking Helmet for 750 coins.

Click on it 4 consecutive times to get the Blue Viking Helmet for 1200 coins.

Without exiting the ad, click on the purple flower above it for the Purple Viking Helmet for 1500 coins.


There are 5 hidden items on this page.

1. Click on the background silhouette penguins for The Tuft for 500 coins.

2. Click on the center of the Blue Bowtie for the Tuxedo for 800 coins, the Top Hat for 350 coins, and the Black Bowtie for 50 coins.

3. Click on the right glittery part of the Midnight Glamor Dress for the Pearl Necklace for 550 coins.


There are 6 hidden items on this page.

1. Click on the top of the Grey Tie for The Band for 500 coins, the Rustic Tunic and Skirt for 445 coins, the Checkered Tote for 200 coins, and the Pink Canvas Shoes for 200 coins.

2. Click on the handle of the coffee cup for the Grey Suit for 650 coins.

3. Click on the knot in the Knotted Recycle T-Shirt for the Lavender Gown for 800 coins.


This month’s “Penguins at Work” outfit is the Water Suit 3000 for 400 coins. Get this outfit to water some plants and make them pretty in time for Earth Day!

April’s “Item of the Month” is the Purple Diva Sunglasses for 600 coins. Show off some sass with these glasses of class!

Make sure to grab these items while you can! The “Penguins at Work” outfit changes every month and will come back again in another issue. However, the “Item of the Month” will never debut again!

To find the hidden items in the other pages of this month’s catalog, check out the following below:

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Until next month!

~Raneaosama, Brigadier General

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