CLUB PENGUIN REWRITTEN February 2020 Penguin Style secrets

Howdy, Rebels!

It’s that time again Rebels! CPR has released a new issue of Penguin Style! In this post you can find all the hidden items in the February issue!


There are five hidden items on this page.

Click on the hair curl(1) for the first hidden item.

Click on the heart of the “I Love My Puffle shirt” (2) one time to get the Red Viking Helmet. THEN click three more times on the heart to get the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click on the purple dot on the top right corner of the page with the Blue Viking Helmet still opened. A brand new Purple Viking Helmet will show up!

For the Blue Tinted Sunglasses, click number 3


You can find four secret items on this page.

For the first item, click the coin emote (1) under Hoodies.

Click on the blue penguin’s hand (2) to find the Pink Diva Shades

Click the tip of the tree (3) for the third item.

For the last item on Page 2, click the end of the right hoodie string (4).


This page contains three secret items.

The first hidden item is on the Blue Star T shirt(1)

Click on the Black Glasses (2) for the Mixed Bracelets.

For the final item, click on the scarf’s tassel(3).

These were the Catalog secrets for the February issue of Penguin Style. Fight the good fight!

Electric Yammie- Head General 

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