Penguin Style August 2020

Penguin Style: August 2020 is here! Check out all of the hidden items in this month’s catalog!

-PAGE 1-

There are five hidden items on this page.

1. Click on the first mermaid’s flower bow for The Explorer, Canoeing Outfit, and Paddle. (1000 coins)

2. Click on the Bubble next to the blue penguin’s flipper for the Aqua Bikini. (300 coins)

3. Click on the yellow penguin’s flipper for the Boa. (300 coins)

-PAGE 2-

There are three hidden items on this page.

1. Click on the second mountain’s peak for the Golf Hat. (250 coins)

2. Click on the third mountain’s peak for the Star Glasses. (300 coins)

3. Click on the final mountain’s peak for the Street Surf Shorts. (400 coins)

-PAGE 3-

There are five hidden items on this page.

1. Click on the penguin’s foot to get the Viking Helmet. (750 coins)

2. Click on the log for the Campfire Marshmallow. (50 coins)

3. Click on the sticks to get the Coral Beach Dress. (300 coins)

4. Click on the top of the flame’s to unlock the Pink MP3000. (400 coins)

5. Click on the penguin’s earring to get the Decaf Coffee. (50 coins)

Penguins At Work

Need a job to end off the summer? Grab the Ice Cream Apron from the “Penguins At Work” Section for just 150 coins!

Item of the Month

This month’s “Item of the Month” is the Yee-Haw Hat! This item will not make a return in future catalogs, so grab it before it’s gone!

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Thank you for reading!

-Sarah, Head General


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