The long-awaited June 2021 Better Igloos catalog is here and filled with furniture to create the perfect space for relaxing under the hot summer sun while training or playing some music with your new instruments. Keep on reading for all the hidden items found in this month’s issue!

– Page 1 –

This page has 6 secrets!

1) Click the purple light bulb on the Space Age Lights for the Smoothie Machine (300 coins)

2) Click the Speaker’s Lower Driver for the Classy Bookshelf (150 coins)

3) Click the center of the Tall Spotlight for the Blue Rug (500 coins)

4) Click the left end flare on the Flashing Flare for the Mexican Rug (550 coins)

5) Click the right end flare on the Flashing Flare for the Green Oval Rug (550 coins)

6) Click the lens on the Video Camera’s lens for the Rectangle Rug (500 coins)

– Page 2 –

This page has 6 secrets!

7) Click the Beach Beatz’s left cymbal for the Lamp (125 coins)

8) Click on the Retro Jukebox for the Footlight Stage (75 coins)

9) Click the headstock of the black guitar on the Guitar Stand for the Folding Chair (180 coins)

10) Click on the blue guitar’s bridge on the Guitar Stand for the Dance Mat (135 coins)

11) Click on the Six String Tune Table’s top tuner peg for the Large Aquarium (450 coins)

12) Inside the Busking Case, click the guitar’s sound hole for the Pink Lamp (75 coins)

– Page 3 –

This page has 4 secrets!

13) Click the Lit Stage’s top lightbulb for the Drum Kit (760 coins)

14) Click the Mic for the Lounging Deck Chair (350 coins)

15) Click on the Gas Pump’s nozzle for the Inflatable Sofa (400 coins)

16) Click on the Motorbike’s front wheel for the Inflatable Chair (275 coins)

– Page 4 –

This page has 5 secrets!

17) Click the Swimming Pool’s left ladder pole for Vine Swing (500 coins)

18) Click the Swimming Pool’s right ladder pole for the Sound Station (600 coins)

19) Click on the Board Wave’s flower for the Yellow CP Banner (170 coins)

20) Click the drink on the Lifeguard Chair for the Stage Curtain (100 coins)

21) Click the flower on the left Beach Board for the Basketball Hoop (200 coins)

– Page 5 –

This page has 3 secrets!

22) Click the blue seashell on the Sand Castle Arch for the Wood Bench (480 coins)

23) Click the orange starfish on the Sand Castle Arch for the Watering Can (105 coins)

24) Click the blue seashell on the Sand Castle Wall for the Tennis Court (700 coins)

– Page 6 –

This page has 4 secrets!

25) Click the Multi-Ball’s middle black panel for the Wooden Puffle Swing (150 coins)

26) Click the basket ball on the Equipment Rack for the Wood Cabinet (500 coins)

27) Click the top of the Training Hurdle for the Wood Shelves (100 coins)

28) Click the top shelf in the Team Locker for the Zebra (400 coins)

– Page 7 –

There’s 5 secrets in this page!

29) Click the center of the Soccer Bean Bag for the Surf Beach Towel (250 coins)

30) Click the Treadmill’s console for the Blue CP Banner (170 coins)

31) On the Winners Podium, click the number 2 for the Weight Bench (680 coins)

32) Click the Locker’s number 2 for the Sunscreen (50 coins)

33) Click the Exercise Bike for the Basketball Court (300 coins)

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… and that’s a wrap on this month’s catalog’s secrets! Be sure to check out the previous issues above for even more hidden items and join our Discord for all the latest on pins and catalogs, mascot tracking and more.

– Princhi, General

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