It’s a new month, and with the holidays approaching, CPR has released the December 2020 Better Igloos catalog. Keep on reading for all the hidden items found in this month’s issue.

– Page 1 –

This page has 3 secrets!

1) Click the lamp hanging from the Candy Cane Lantern for the Tinker Train Engine (700 coins)

2) Click the blue bulb on the Holiday Lights for the Tinker Train Car (350 coins)

3) Click the top right ornament on the Holiday Wreath for the Blue Ornament Chair (100 coins)

– Page 2 –

This page has 2 secrets!

4) Click the left crossing light on the Railroad Crossing Sign for the Train Crossing Sign (100 coins)

5) Click the inner rail on the Railroad Corner for the Train Engine Present (100 coins)

– Page 3 –

This page has 6 secrets!

6) Click the star on the Holly Jolly Tree for the Gingerbread Man (250 coins)

7) Click the Wooden Reindeer’s nose for the Gingerbread Couch (400 coins)

8) Click the Wooden Reindeer’s tail for the Small Christmas Tree (400 coins)

9) Click the Teddy Bear’s nose for the Large Christmas Tree (700 coins)

10) Click the middle candle on the Festive Coffee Table for the Candy Cane (300 coins)

11) Click the letter N on the Donation Station’s sing that says ‘Coins for Change’ for the Wood Stove (900 coins)

– Page 4 –

This page has 4 secrets!

12) Click the 3rd button on the Orange Scarf Snowman for the Candy Cane Fence (250 coins)

13) Click the bow on the Presents for the Candy Cane Arch (500 coins)

14) Click the Snowman’s nose for thed GingerbreaChair (350 coins)

15) Click the tomato in the fish’s mouth on the Festive Fluffy Feast for the Santa Chair (150 coins)

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… and that’s a wrap on all the hidden items found in the December 2020 issue of the Better Igloos catalog. See you next month with even more catalog secrets!

– Princhi, Lieutenant General


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