It’s a new month and y’all know what that means? It’s catalog time! So without further ado, here’s the November 2020 Better Igloos Catalog!

-Page 1-

This page has 2 secrets!

1) Click the top left of the Paw Print for the River’s Edge. (150 coins)

2) Click the bottom of the darker Emergency Light for the Tall Snowy Tree. (200 coins)

-Page 2-

This page has 2 secrets!

1) Click the left light on the Spy Car for the for the Telephone box. (800 coins)

2) Click Herbert’s Eye on the Cardboard Herbert for the Newspaper Stand. (400 coins)

-Page 3-

This page has 2 secrets!

1) Click the cross on the Medic Tent for the Construction Pylon. (70 coins)

2) Click the chimney of the Log Cabin for the Searchlight. (250 coins)

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See y’all next month!!

yas – lieu general

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