It’s a new month and y’all know what that means? It’s catalog time! So without further ado, here’s the September 2020 Better Igloos Catalog!

-Page 1-

This page has 2 secrets!

1) Clicking the Pantry’s right handle gives you the Shiny Red Fridge. (700 coins)

2) Clicking the Electric Stove’s right knob gives you the Shiny Red Stove. (650 coins)

-Page 2-

This page has 5 secrets!

1) Click the top of the Ring O’ Fire for the Waterfall Pond. (500 coins)

2) Click the Popcorn Machine’s dispenser for the Barrel. (320 coins)

3) Click the yellow post on the Fair Fence for the Coffee Couch. (500 coins)

4) Click the red post on the Fair Fence for the Cocoa Cupcake. (200 coins)

5) Click the right eye of Feed Fluffy Trashcan for the Dart Board. (200 coins)

-Page 3-

This page has 6 secrets!

1) Click the left post on the Fair Flags for the for the Security Camera. (350 coins)

2) Click the centre of the Bowling Alley for the Inflatable Dragon. (190 coins)

3) Click the top green puzzle piece on the Puzzle Floor for the Red Lava Lamp. (450 coins)

4) Click the centre circle on the Circus Ball for the Large Cactus (400 coins)

5) Click the top of the Bowling pin for the Manhole. (100 coins)

6) Click the head of the Carousel Horse for the Mounted Speaker. (50 coins)

-Page 4-

This page has 2 secrets!

1) Click the bottom button on the Switch Box 3000 for the Stacking Washer and Dryer. (1000 coins)

2) Click the bottom of the right yellow Triangle Pennant for the Costume Trunk. (75 coins)

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There you have it! Those were all the secrets of the September 2020 Igloo Catalog! 🙂

yas – Major General

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