Club Penguin Rewritten January 2019 Igloo Catalog Secrets

Hello all!

The igloo catalog has just been updated, so there are loads of new secret items to be found! Keep reading to find out where they are.


The first secret can be found by clicking on the leg of the black couch. You’ll then be able to purchase the black bookcase.

Next, click on the leg of the black plus chair to find the second secret. Then, you can buy the black lamp!

The third secret is accessible by clicking on the leg of the white table. After you click that, you may buy the white lamp!

To get the last secret on this page you need to click on the letter “I” in the world “WHITE.” After that, you can buy the white bookcase.


The first secret is found by clicking on the eye of the pinata. If you do so, you can get the mexican rug.

Next, click on the left flower on the mexican vase to buy the penguin mask!

Last for this page, click on the pot of the large cactus to buy the terracotta pot.


First, click on the bottom right small section of the mirror to buy a dinner chair!

Then, for the second secret on this page you can click on the cabinet door handle to buy a dinner table!

Lastly, click on the round handle of the pantry so that you can buy the HD TV.

Those are all of the secrets for the new pages – to see the secrets for the rest of the catalog click here!

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